25 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit – WOW!

10. The Bahamas

Hopetown, The Bahamas

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Hopetown, The Bahamas

Spread out over a whopping 470,000 square kilometers of ocean between where the beaches of northern Cuba give way to the Lucayan isles, The Bahamas connect the Caribbean with the coastal reaches of the United States – and more specifically, the Sunshine State of Florida.

Since the late 18th century, these glistening cays and sand bars have been joined with the Commonwealth.

The British made a colony here after ousting bands of buccaneers and pirates from the shores, leaving the elegant neoclassic looks of the Bahamian Parliament and the juggernaut walls of Fort Charlotte in their wake.

More recently, the rich and famous came, settling their yachts between the coves of New Providence and the beachfront villas of Paradise Island, or slapping poker chips on the Atlantis casino floor.

Don’t worry though, The Bahamas are for everyone: ecotourists flock to the reefs of Grand Bahama, beach-hunters for the secluded inlets of Long Island, sports fishers and divers straight to the coral gardens of Bimini.

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