15 Best Things to Do in Dordrecht (the Netherlands)

Dordrecht is located in the south west of the Netherlands in the South Holland province and has a population of approximately 118,000. The main centre of the city is actually on an island, but the greater municipal area covers towns on the Oude Maas river and other waterways. Granted city right in the 1200’s by William I, Dordrecht is actually the oldest city in the South Holland Province.

Owing to its important strategic location, and its accessibility on the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta complex, the city saw great trade profit particularly in Wine, cereals and timber. In subsequent centuries, Dordrecht continued to develop, but the rise of Rotterdam saw a tapering to its growth in the 18th century. Today the city has a host of fantastic historical buildings such as the Grote Kerk and Munt van Holland, and some magnificent natural landscapes such as the De Beisbosch National park and the Wantijpark.

Lets explore the best things to do in Dordrecht:

1. Dordrecht Grote Kerk

Dordrecht Grote Kerk

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Dordrecht Grote Kerk

Standing as the tallest church in Dordrecht, this minster is one of the many churches in the Netherlands to bare the name of Grote Kerk.

With a large bell and clock tower, the church towers over the surrounding buildings in the old town and can be seen far down the Oude Maas.

Dating back to the 11th Century, the Grote Kerk has stood for hundreds of years as an important religious building.

The interior is full of fascinating artefacts, a set of ornate wooden choice stalls and beautiful stone ceiling archways and canopies.

Also featured are a plethora of stunning stained glass windows and religious artwork.

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15 Best Things to Do in Dordrecht (the Netherlands):

Dordrecht Grote Kerk