15 Best Things to Do in the US Virgin Islands

A splattering of gorgeous tropical islands nestled between the lands of Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands, the USVI have long been famed for their silky-white beaches and wild inland hills of rainforest, cacti groves and banyans.

But this little enclave of America in the heart of the Caribbean chains is much more than just your usual honeymoon hub.

It’s also steeped in an enthralling history that tells tales of British colonists, Dutch sugarcane tycoons, European power struggles and – perhaps best of all – pirates.

Yep, Blackbeard himself is thought to have sailed this way, while old castles and plantations still loom on the hillsides, complete with slave quarters and cannon batteries and more.

Travelers who come here (and there are plenty of them) are in for a medley of beach lazing and snorkelling, scuba diving and turtle spotting, all doused in a (not so) healthy pouring of local rum!

Let’s explore the best things to do in the US Virgin Islands:

1. Shiver me’ timbers at Blackbeard’s Castle

Blackbeard’s Castle

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Blackbeard’s Castle

It may come as something of a surprise that the eponymous Blackbeard’s Castle might never have even been used by the infamous pirate Blackbeard.

It was named for the island legend that says the great outlaw once docked up at Charlotte Amalie and used the crumbling Danish keep as a place from which to spot potential pillaging targets out at sea!

And even if you don’t believe the story, this aged tower on the hillsides of upper St. Johns remains a great day out in the USVI, with regular tours of the surrounding Skytsborg Historic Park, adjoining exhibits related to pirating in the Caribbean Seas, and even a poolside bar on offer to visitors.

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15 Best Things to Do in the US Virgin Islands:

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