15 Best Things to Do in Curaçao

A thin and slender tadpole of an island that forms the mid-point of the ABCs, Curaçao is a Caribbean destination with a difference.

Ringed by picture-perfect beaches and craggy headlands clad in the occasional bloom of palms and sea grasses, spiny cacti and divi-divi groves, the terrain isn’t your usual soft sands and jungle.

It’s a little more chiselled than that, with hidden coves like Playa Lagun hosting sunbathers between its duo of rocky outcrops and the salt-buffeted Shete Boka park just a vision of the wild tropics.

Add to that the throbbing, enthralling capital of Willemstad, clutching its own inlet on the south-western edge of the isle, and you get an historical and cultural dimension to boot.

There are old Flemish townhouses and pontoon bridges, historic forts (the namesake of Amsterdam no less) and oodles of interesting museums here.

Yep, there really is plenty to do on sun-kissed Curaçao! Check it out…

1. Witness natural wonders in the Christoffel National Park

Christoffel National Park

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Christoffel National Park

Bats flit through the boughs of divi-divi trees in the early evening, as the glow of the Caribbean sun descends behind the mighty outline of Christoffel Mountain, peaking the horizon like the chiselled Matterhorn of the tropics.

Yep, this national park that sprawls out over a whopping 4,500 acres of land in the north is a truly breath-taking affair.

Travelers can come and hit the rocky hiking tracks and conquer the massive stone peak – a walk that takes around two hours from bottom to summit.

Others will want to seek out the cottontails and rare deer, the scented Lady of the Night (a particularly beautiful orchid) and the wealth of pretty hummingbirds in the air!

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