15 Best Things to Do in St. Barts

St. Barts is a land of jet setters and Francophone eateries, of haute cuisine and swish fine-dining joints set to the sounds of the lapping Caribbean Sea.

It’s a place of rugged cliffs and hidden stretches of postcard-perfect sand, where yachters and A-listers and naturists alike all coalesce between the coves and the dunes.

It’s a place of bubbling beach clubs touting pina coladas and potent rum punches, of shimmering whitewashed cruise ships, and hotels that take the meaning of luxury to all new and dizzying heights.

The stuff of Caribbean travel brochures, this little dot in the middle of the French West Indies rarely fails to impress.

So, touch down to explore the well-to-do streets of Gustavia and the likes of award-winning Colombier Beach, rub shoulders with film stars in the fashion boutiques, see rare frigatebirds, go boating atop sparkling coral gardens, enjoy croissants in the Caribbean breeze, watch the local rugby teams go at it – the list goes on!

Let’s explore the best things to do in Saint Barts:

1. Laze around on Colombier Beach

Colombier Beach, Saint Barts

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Colombier Beach, Saint Barts

Colombier Beach is hailed as the seaside jewel of St. Barts.

Curved around the end of a headland on the extreme north-western edge of the island, it’s secluded, sun-kissed and home to a turquoise-blue bay that’s always peppered with bobbing yachts.

The sands themselves are powdered coral.

They glow white and come dressed in sporadic bouts of sea vines that crawl towards the salty shore.

What’s more, the route to the beach is nothing short of breath-taking, with a path weaving through cacti groves and over the rocky cliffs for 15 minutes before hitting the sands themselves.

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15 Best Things to Do in St. Barts:

Colombier Beach, Saint Barts