15 Best Things to Do in Jamaica

Ah, Jamaica; the land of jerk and jackfruit, of the roaring Dunn’s River and beaches to die for.

A veritable jewel of the Caribbean region, Jamaica boasts its own unique Carib come Creole come African come colonial come Latin culture and heritage.

There are gorgeous mansions with an English edge next to earthy beach huts issuing the smoky smells of barbeque.

There are sprawling all-inclusive resorts under the shadow of mighty 2,000-meter high mountains.

There are historic plantations and lively samba bars.

There’s the home of revered Bob Marley, museums dedicated to his art and ad hoc reggae concerts on the beaches.

And as if that’s still not enough, would-be travelers to this jungle-dressed land in the Greater Antilles get to sample strong rums and sip beers out at sea, trace the history of Spanish wars, go hiking, meet dolphins and reef sharks, delve into deep caves and mix with friendly islanders! You’re simply bound to enjoy…

Let’s explore the best things to do in Jamaica:

1. Bathe under the Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica

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Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Hidden between the green, green jungles just outside of high-class Ocho Rios and its picture-perfect James Bond beaches, the Dunn’s River Falls carve their way through the hills in a series of breathtaking stepped cataracts.

One of the undisputed must-sees of the island, the site draws groups of tourists and tour guides eager to wade through the gushing waters and scale the 180-meter long shelves of travertine that form the waterfall itself.

The trip can be strenuous, requiring visitors to cling to the protruding rocks, hop up the water-doused steps and wade through the plunge pools.

Dunn’s River Falls occupy a gorgeous glade in the middle of the Jamaican jungles; a spot where once the British colonial armies fought the Spanish for control of the island as a whole!

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15 Best Things to Do in Jamaica:

Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica