15 Best Places to Visit in Belgium

A real gem of the European Low Countries, Belgium might be small but boy does it pack a punch! Ranging from the Francophone villages of Wallonia in the south to the Flemish diamond towns and North Sea coast, this nation hosts everything from buzzing European parliaments to sobering war memorials between its borders. Here, we take a look at all the best places to visit in Belgium, checking off the energetic capital, the wilds of the Ardennes, culturally-rich Mons and plenty, plenty more along the way!

1. Bruges


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Catapulted to fame by the 2008 hit film In Bruges, this pop-up cut-out of a medieval town in the heartlands of Flemish Belgium rarely fails to impress. Its old centre is an enchanting labyrinth of winding stony streets, each fringed with the rising apses of Low Country townhouses. Here, soaring belfries clad in Gothic carvings and twisted gargoyles peak above the Grote Markt; chip merchants tout double-fried cones of Belgian frites next to ubiquitous Irish pubs (there’s an unexpectedly lively nightlife), and romantic gondolas drift up and down the canals. Oh, and don’t miss the Basilica of the Holy Blood – a Gothic masterpiece that’s said to house a vial of Christ’s congealed blood! Also see our guide to Bruges!

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15 Best Places to Visit in Belgium:

Korenmarkt, Ghent