14 Best Things to Do in Ypres (Belgium)

Ypres (also known as Leper) is a place with a haunting past. Expect to be moved when visiting this city that played such an important role in the First World War and saw the loss of a generation of soldiers during the fierce battles that took place here and in the surrounding areas. It is believed that 300,000 soldiers lost their lives on the front line here known as the Salient. As you would expect there are plenty of war museums, memorials, military cemeteries and battlefields to tour, learn about and respectfully explore.

If you are visiting Ypres, you should be prepared to visit many sombre places but there is also plenty of charm in the city to appreciate too. Surprisingly much of the medieval architecture remains or has been restored and like many Belgian cities, the market square contains an impressive array of architecture. There is also good food, with particular attention paid to traditional Flemish cuisine and of course more beer.

No matter what you do in the city of Ypres, your thoughts will not be far from the devastation and loss of World War 1 and the city will ultimately always be haunted by its past.

Lets explore the best things to do in Ypres:

1. Be moved by Flanders Fields

in-Flanders Fields Museum

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in-Flanders Fields Museum

The in-Flanders Fields museum in Ypres is one of the city’s top attractions.

The museum, which explores all aspects of WW1 uses various media and sensory experiences including videos, sounds and smells to fully immerse visitors.

There are even interactive experiences including selecting a war time persona and following their trials and tribulations throughout the war.

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14 Best Things to Do in Ypres (Belgium):

the Lakenhalle