15 Best Resorts in Wyoming

Wyoming was the first American state to grant women the right to vote, which is awesome, and is also home of Yellowstone Park and Devils Tower, which is also awesome. So, there’s not much not to like about Wyoming.

Wyoming is another frontier state in America, and the open spaces and iconic landscape fill the memories of a million fans of the Spaghetti Westerns. Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and the Rocky Mountains are the perfect backdrop for the thousands of stories that have created the character of the United States. This character, and the larger than life characters that filled those stories, continue to be celebrated across Wyoming. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and Old Trail Town (which is a recreation of Buffalo Bill’s Cody Town) are monuments to the adventure and excitement those stories contain.

But it is the landscape of Wyoming that will stay with visitors long after the campfire tales have faded from memory. The people of the Equality State live between the Rocky Mountains and Flaming Gorge, and every square inch between is worth seeing. There is a haunting relevance to the open prairies of Wyoming that speaks clearly of the agelessness of the countryside. It was rugged and infinite when it was first settled, and will remain that way long after we are gone. But in the interim it is the perfect place to visit to recharge your spirit – to breath in eternity.

Let’s check out the best resorts in Wyoming:

1. The Little America Hotel and Resort, Cheyenne

The Little America Hotel and Resort, Cheyenne

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The Little America Hotel and Resort, Cheyenne

In the heart of the state that sits in the heart of the United States there is a hotel call Little America, and I don’t think I have ever had the chance to write a more perfect sentence! Set on 80 acres of perfectly groomed grounds, including a 9-hole golf course, the hotel boasts a range of luxury rooms that should accommodate any demands

Complementing the golf course is an outdoor heated pool, a fitness center and a kid’s playground. There are a number of dining options available, ranging from a casual café where you can pop in for a pastry and a quick coffee, to Hathaway’s Restaurant offering high level dining at all hours of the day. Then hotel’s sumptuous luxury is difficult to deny. With an on-site convention center, the Hotel is a perfect destination for a corporate retreat, or a family gathering.

Website: http://cheyenne.littleamerica.com/

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15 Best Resorts in Wyoming:

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