15 Best Resorts in Wyoming

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Wyoming was the first American state to grant women the right to vote, which is awesome! It is also the home of Yellowstone Park and Devils Tower, which are both spectacular attractions. So, there’s is a lot to like about Wyoming.

Wyoming is a frontier state in America, and the wide open spaces plus iconic landscape fill the memories of millions. Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and the Rocky Mountains are the perfect backdrop for the thousands of stories that have created the character of the United States. This, and the larger-than-life characters that filled those stories, continue to be celebrated across Wyoming. Such as the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and Old Trail Town (which is a recreation of Buffalo Bill’s Cody Town) are monuments to the adventure and excitement those stories contain.

But it is the landscape of Wyoming that will stay with visitors long after the campfire tales have faded from memory. The people of the Equality State live between the Rocky Mountains and Flaming Gorge, and every square inch between is worth seeing. There is a haunting relevance to the open prairies of Wyoming that speaks clearly of the agelessness of the countryside. It was rugged and infinite when it was first settled, and will remain that way long after we are gone. So why not take a moment to get to know this great history on a more personal level?

Let’s check out the best resorts in Wyoming:

1. The Little America Hotel and Resort, Cheyenne

The Little America Hotel and Resort, CheyenneSource: littleamerica
The Little America Hotel and Resort, Cheyenne

In the heart of the state that sits in the heart of the United States, there is a hotel called Little America, and think you will love it! Set on 80 acres of perfectly groomed grounds, including a 9-hole golf course, the hotel boasts a range of luxury rooms that should accommodate any demands

Complementing the golf course is an outdoor heated pool, a fitness center, and a kid’s playground. There are a number of dining options available, ranging from a casual café where you can pop in for a pastry and a quick coffee, to Hathaway’s Restaurant offering high-level dining at all hours of the day. The hotel’s sumptuous luxury is difficult to deny. With an on-site convention center, the Hotel is a perfect destination for a corporate retreat or a family gathering.

Website: http://cheyenne.littleamerica.com/

2. Amangani Hotel and Resort

Amangani Hotel and ResortSource: aman
Amangani Hotel and Resort

Approaching Amangani Hotel in Jackson Hole will be one of those moments in your life where your perspective will change forever, as will your understanding of what ‘beautiful’ is. The resort, a magnificent building in its own right, quite literally sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains which drain the architecture of all power.

And while the opportunity to stand on the road leading up to the Hotel and look out over the countryside would be worth the trip, the operators of the Hotel have decided not to rest on that experience. The hotel itself is equipped with a range of suites in escalating layers of luxury, all beautifully styled and positioned to maximize the view of the mountains. There is also a Wellness Center, a number of restaurants to suit all tastes, access to the ski fields (when in season), and some truly magnificent walking trails around the grounds.

But that view…

Website: https://www.aman.com/resorts/amangani

3. Spring Creek Ranch

Spring Creek RanchSource: springcreekranch
Spring Creek Ranch

I will admit that I have become slightly overawed by how extraordinarily beautiful the Rocky Mountains are. Spring Creek Ranch is another location that makes perfect use of that scene as the backdrop for their resort. With accommodations ranging from rooms in the perfectly styled Inn to free-standing townhouses and villas dotted across the property, the location itself is worth the price of admission.

The award-winning Granary restaurant offers up Gourmet American Cuisine and Gourmet American Scenery for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The hotel also hosts a full-service day spa, a function center, and a range of wildlife safaris departing regularly from the property. On top of all those options, the list of activities guests can participate in while at the Spring Ranch is tiring just to look at. Horseback riding, balloon rides, fishing, hiking, climbing, white water rafting, and that’s just the summer schedule.

Website: http://www.springcreekranch.com/

4. Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa

Brooks Lake Lodge and SpaSource: brookslake
Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa

Hidden within the Rocky Mountains and in close proximity to Yellowstone Park, the Brooks Lake Lodge is built around a century-old lodge building that not provides a luxurious, all-inclusive holiday experience in Wyoming. Contemporary timber-lined cabins complement the classic Western atmosphere of the Lodge building, with all the accommodations designed the magnify the Wyoming experience.

The restaurant taking up pride of place in the Lodge’s Great Hall serves a range of delicious meals for breakfast lunch and dinner, with a side of rustic character and identity. The Hotel incorporates a full-service Day Spa and Wellness Centre, which includes a fitness center, dry sauna, hot tub, and a wide range of massage treatments administered by highly trained technicians. The Brooks Lake Lodge is a beautiful venue to enjoy a relaxing week away with loved ones.

Website: http://www.brookslake.com/

5. Brush Creek Ranch

Brush Creek RanchSource: brushcreekranch
Brush Creek Ranch

The Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga has a history of winning awards for the quality of the accommodations and the magical experiences that guests undergo while staying. With rooms in the Lodge supplemented by a range of options for cabin accommodation, and a tagline that is ‘Authentically Western: Exclusively Yours”, the Brush Creek Ranch offers an experience that may only be possible in Wyoming – luxury prairie life.

The Ranch offers a variety of dining options, each carefully styled to reflect the culinary heritage of the region. The Trailhead Spa offers day spa treatments, and a fully equipped fitness center. In addition, the Ranch facilitates an enormous range of activities for guests, including fly fishing, horseback riding, trail walks, and shooting sports. To experience the Wyoming Prairie in the purest manner, visit Brush Creek Ranch.

Website: http://www.brushcreekranch.com/

6. Fireside Resort

Fireside ResortSource: firesidejacksonhole
Fireside Resort

Located in Jackson Hole, within sight of the imposing Rocky Mountains, the Fireside Resort offers premium lodging carefully nestled within the shadows of the wooded estate. With 23 modern timber cabins on the grounds, each delicately placed to minimize the disturbance to the property, the Resort provides a distinct holiday experience all year.

The cabins are fully equipped, with TV, kitchen, private deck, and a fire pit. In addition, the Resort offers a number of Jeep Rubicons to guests so that can explore the nearby Grand Teton National Park. With luxurious cabins, beautiful landscapes, and the freedom to explore the Fireside Resort is a fantastic destination for young families or young couples seeking to explore.

Website: http://www.firesidejacksonhole.com/

7. Cowboy Village Resort

Cowboy Village ResortSource: townsquareinns
Cowboy Village Resort

15 Minutes from the entrance to Grand Teton National Park, the Cowboy Village Resort offers traditional timber cabins with contemporary amenities. The Resort contains 82 cabins, and 2 additional lodge rooms. All of the accommodation is self-contained, including a kitchenette, TV, and access to the swimming pool and hot tub.

While summer at the Resort would be an extraordinary experience, when the ski season starts the Resort really gets exciting. The resort is located within walking distance of the center of Jackson Hole. With cabins filled with character and close proximity to the town, the Resort offers a unique perspective on Wyoming touring.

Website: http://www.townsquareinns.com/properties/cowboy-village-resort/

8. Flying Saddle Resort

Flying Saddle ResortSource: flyingsaddleresort
Flying Saddle Resort

On the banks of the Snake River in Alpine, Wyoming, the Flying Saddle Resort offers a range of hotel and lodge rooms inside colorful grounds, with close access to all the major tourist spots around Jackson. The Resort offers a Steakhouse and a Lounge and Sports Bar on site.

There is a fitness center, swimming pool, and tennis court on-site, however, the strength of the Flying Saddle is the close proximity to local tourist destinations around the Snake River Canyon. The operators will assist guests in arranging activities ranging from golf to ATV tours of the National Park. A comfortable resort to serve as a base camp while exploring the region, there is little to detract from the Flying Saddle, which knows exactly what it is trying to be.

Website: http://www.flyingsaddleresort.com/

9. Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

Saratoga Hot Springs ResortSource: saratogahotspringsresort
Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

Built on a natural hot spring, a stay at the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort offers an individual Wyoming experience. Equipped with a fitness center, sporting courts, an onsite micro-brewery, the spring, day spa, and a restaurant, the Resort offers every convenience a guest could want between day tours.

Character lodge rooms in a variety of styles and sizes mean there is something to satisfy any traveling party. Whether you decide to stay in King Suites or Deluxe Double Rooms, all located near hot pools, you can be sure to have a night to remember for years to come.

Website: http://saratogahotspringsresort.com/

10. Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa

Teton Mountain Lodge and SpaSource: tetonlodge
Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa

A character mountain lodge in the heart of Jackson Hole, a range of self-contained lodge rooms and suites with breathtaking views are available to accommodate all manner of guests. The on-site restaurant offers a relaxed dining atmosphere in a warm environment where guests can stretch out and refuel after a day exploring the mountain.

To assist with the recuperation, the full-service day spa is available for guests to be treated with any of a variety of massage and relaxation techniques. The Teton Mountain Lodge serves beautifully as a base camp for mountain explorers. Take a plunge in Wyoming’s unspoiled natural beauty – visit this resort for that one-of-a-kind experience!

Website: http://www.tetonlodge.com/

11. Rustic Inn Creekside Resort

Rustic Inn Creekside ResortSource: rusticinnatjh
Rustic Inn Creekside Resort

A boutique hotel situated only 4 blocks from the Jackson Town Square, the Rustic Inn is there to provide a comfortable home for tourists of the area. The complex itself is constructed on a private nature reserve, giving guests access to fly fishing, fire pits, and private camping set up on the banks of a creek that meanders through the complex.

The placement of cabins around the property has been carefully selected to make the most of the character of the landscape. The dining options for guests have been carefully styled to match with the rustic tone of the resort, and there is a day spa on-site to help massage away any sore muscles resulting from exploring the surroundings.

Website: http://rusticinnatjh.com/

12. Goose Wing Ranch

Goose Wing RanchSource: goosewingranch
Goose Wing Ranch

The Goose Wing Ranch is an exclusive guest ranch set in a valley 7,400 feet above sea level in the mountains around Jackson Hole. The location of the ranch was carefully selected to provide full and peerless access to the native wildlife that populates the region, including elk, moose, bears, eagles, and much more. In addition, the Gros Ventre River runs through the property and is teaming with cutthroat trout.

There are 8 executive cabins on the site providing private and sustainable accommodation to the guests. The Dining Lodge is where meals are served, prepared by one of 3 chefs retain on staff, providing themed dinner menus complemented by a carefully maintain wine list. Sustainability is a strong focus of the ranch, which will deliver a lasting impression on guests.

Website: https://goosewingranch.com/

13. Four Seasons Resort, Jackson Hole

Four Seasons Resort, Jackson HoleSource: fourseasons
Four Seasons Resort, Jackson Hole

Located in Teton Village at the foot of the Grand Teton Mountains, the Four Seasons Resort in Jackson Hole has been designed to share with guests a passion for the wilderness that surrounds the property. The countryside is so magnificently beautiful in this part of America, surely this is an example of a Resort’s vision that is easy to achieve, yet completely worthwhile.

The Hotel Resort itself has over 150 rooms and suites available for guests which have been carefully placed to either provide views over the mountains or views over the valley. Guests also have access to a full-service day spa and fitness center and three heated outdoor pools. The number of dining options has all been designed to capture the theatre of the landscape and the experience of the region. Located within incredible scenery and maintained to an incredibly high standard, the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole will deliver a memorable experience.

Website: http://www.fourseasons.com/jacksonhole/

14. The Hatchet Resort

The Hatchet ResortSource: hatchetresort
The Hatchet Resort

Situated in the region surrounding Jackson Hole, and representing a gateway to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the Hatchet Resort seeks to deliver to guests an understanding of the challenges and life early settlers to the area experienced. Made up of modern timber cabins placed carefully within the wooded surrounds of the property, the resort seeks to combine contemporary accommodations with the depth of the woodlands.

The Hatchet Grill restaurant on site provides hearty mountain cuisine, focusing the menu on local ingredients and offerings that are indicative of the area. With conference facilities, the resort serves as a friendly option for family gatherings or corporate retreats.

Website: https://hatchetresort.com/

15. Wyoming High Country Lodge

Wyoming High Country LodgeSource: wyhighcountry
Wyoming High Country Lodge

Open all year and located in the Bighorn Mountains to avoid the high-traffic areas around the Grand Teton Mountains, the Wyoming High Country Lodge provides private, comfortable log cabins positioned strategically within the wooded confines of the property. Guests have access to the resort dining room which operates on the simple premise of satisfying the appetites of the guests with good food and great service.

The heavy lifting at the resort, however, is done by the mountains, and the extraordinary access guests have to the range. Bike and hiking trails stretch out from the resort. During winter snowshoes and skis are a necessity. At other times of the year fly fishing, hunting, and ATV adventures are options. For access to Wyoming’s ‘Best Kept Secret’, the Bighorn Mountains, it is certainly worth spending some time in the High Country.

Website: http://www.wyhighcountry.com/

15 Best Resorts in Wyoming:

  • The Little America Hotel and Resort, Cheyenne
  • Amangani Hotel and Resort
  • Spring Creek Ranch
  • Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa
  • Brush Creek Ranch
  • Fireside Resort
  • Cowboy Village Resort
  • Flying Saddle Resort
  • Saratoga Hot Springs Resort
  • Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa
  • Rustic Inn Creekside Resort
  • Goose Wing Ranch
  • Four Seasons Resort, Jackson Hole
  • The Hatchet Resort
  • Wyoming High Country Lodge