15 Best Things to Do in Gray (Maine)

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Incorporated in 1778, Gray is a small city of around 7,000 people located in Cumberland County. It is a small and friendly community which boasts plenty of touristic attractions, including lakes, golf courses, antique shops, trails for hiking or skiing and more.

While the city has a total area of 46 square miles, most of it consists of rural forest land and lakes (the Little Sebago Lake and the Crystal Lake). The majority of the houses are pretty close to each other, thus leading to a more united community.

Some of the best things to do when you are in Gray include:

1. Visit the Maine Wildlife Park

Maine Wildlife ParkSource: Maine Wildlife Park / facebook
Maine Wildlife Park

If you love outdoor activities, nature, and wildlife, then this is the perfect place to go. It is home to more than 30 native animal species that can’t be released back into the forest and also features some splendid scenery.

Here, you will find plenty of lovely trails to explore, nature stores to shop in, snack areas to grab a bite, and a visitor center to get information and souvenirs.

You will be able to admire bears, big cats, moose, and many other interesting animals in their natural habitat. Don’t worry, the areas are secure and there is no risk involved as you admire the bears or the wild cats.

2. Play golf at the Spring Meadows Course

Spring Meadows CourseSource: Spring Meadow Estates / facebook
Spring Meadows Course

Golf is not a sport just for the rich; anyone can play it here at an affordable price. This course used to be a farm and is now transformed into a lovely golf course.

It includes multiple holes with various degrees of difficulty and is well maintained. They also have a restaurant where you can enjoy a good meal after your game.

The staff are friendly and accommodating and the views on the course are lovely. There is also a lovely weddings and events center here.

3. Go on a fishing trip

Sebago Lake Fishing ChartersSource: Sebago Lake Fishing Charters & Tours / facebook
Sebago Lake Fishing Charters

If you are an avid fisher or have always wanted to try your hand at it, Sebago Lake Fishing Charters offer some great trips.

An experienced guide will take you to some of the best fishing spots and teach you all there is to know about this activity.

You can head out for as long as you want; if you are lucky, you might catch some beautiful salmon.

4. Visit the Carrageen Suri Alpacas

Carrageen Suri AlpacasSource: Canna Obscura / shutterstock
Carrageen Suri Alpacas

Not many people come across alpacas in everyday life, but here at this alpaca farm you can get up close and personal with these cute animals. The team here will tell you all about how they are bred, raised and cared for.

These animals are very cute, fluffy and friendly, so the entire family will love them. You will also learn more about the history and the growth of the farm; you can even buy an alpaca if you want to.

5. Stroll along the Libby Hill Forest Trails

Libby Hill Forest TrailsSource: Libby Hill Forest Trails / facebook
Libby Hill Forest Trails

This beautiful forest has more than eight miles of recreational trails that can be used in multiple ways. They were inaugurated in 2001 and are the result of the hard work of hundreds of volunteers.

Depending on the season, there are plenty of activities to do around here. In the winter, you can ski on the cross-country trails, go snowshoeing, or ride a snowmobile.

In the summer, you can hike, ride a mountain bike, walk your dog, go bird watching, or just admire the beautiful scenery and wild animals.

6. Admire Pineland Farms

Pineland FarmsSource: Pineland Farms / facebook
Pineland Farms

This beautiful farm offers plenty of activities, so you can easily spend an entire day here. Stroll along the paths and admire some beautiful plants, flowers, trees, and water fountains. During the winter, these trails are used for skiing.

There is also an equestrian facility where you beginners can learn to ride a horse, or more experienced riders can get back in the saddle. The staff are friendly and the horses well cared for.

They also have a marketplace with various fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses and gifts.

7. Catch a movie at Smitty’s Cinema

Smitty’s CinemaSource: Smitty's Cinema / facebook
Smitty’s Cinema

Located in the nearby city of Windham, this place is half cinema, half restaurant. This means that you can sit back and watch a movie while enjoying a delicious meal.

The chairs are comfy and the prices are more than reasonable. This is a good place to spend a lovely evening with friends or family.

8. Have fun at Sebago Lake

Sebago LakeSource: Bruce Kevin Benedict / shutterstock
Sebago Lake

Little Sebago Lake found in Gray is quite a nice place, but wait until you see its big brother, Sebago Lake. It is located nearby and offers plenty of fun activities for the entire family.

Not only can you admire the gorgeous views, but you can also head out on a kayak or a canoe, go swimming, fishing, hiking or have a bonfire.

You can also spend the night at one of the many lodges and cottages found on the lakeshore. They are clean and comfortable and, most important of all, very quiet.

9. Rent a paddleboard from Sebago Trails Paddling

Sebago Trails PaddlingSource: Sebago Trails Paddling Company / facebook
Sebago Trails Paddling

As mentioned above, there are plenty of fun things to do on the Sebago Lake, but not everyone may own all the needed equipment. This company has the solution, offering rental kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and all the other accessories you might need.

If you’ve never tried paddleboarding or other water activities before, don’t worry – the staff will help you out with advice and can also provide lessons and tours.

10. Have dinner at China Village

China VillageSource: China Village / facebook
China Village

This is one of the best-rated restaurants in Maine, and, as the name suggests it specializes in Chinese food. The meals are made from fresh, quality ingredients, using authentic recipes.

The ambiance is unique and cozy and the waiters are friendly and efficient. Many people consider it the best Asian cuisine place in the entire area.

They have all the popular Chinese offerings, plus some unique combinations that can only be found here.

11. Dance at the Studio for the Living Arts Complex

Studio For The Living Arts ComplexSource: Studio for the Living Arts Dance Complex / facebook
Studio For The Living Arts Complex

Totally relax and let the kids have some fun by taking them to dance lessons. They have classes for kids of all ages, as well as for adults, covering multiple styles of dancing.

You will find ballet, tap, contemporary dance, hip hop, lyrical, jazz, and also classes for kids and parents together.

The dance teachers are welcoming and energetic; they have plenty of patience with students of all levels and ages.

12. Hike along the Rattlesnake Mountain Trail

Rattlesnake Mountain TrailSource: photo by James Donahue / facebook
Rattlesnake Mountain Trail

Yet another wonderful place for nature enthusiasts, this trail has all the necessary ingredients for an awesome adventure. The hike is moderate in difficulty, and you will mostly walk through the forest.

At the end, when you reach the summit, you will get a beautiful and rewarding view; the effort and sweat are definitely worth it.

From the top, you will be able to admire Washington Mountain, Big Sebago Lake, Panther Pond, and the Lake.

Even though the trail has an intimidating name, there are no rattlesnakes left around here, so it’s perfectly safe. Be aware that dogs are not allowed.

13. Sail on the Sebago Lake

Sebago SailingSource: Sebago Sailing and Watercraft - Maine’s only Full Line Hobiecat Dealer / facebook
Sebago Sailing

The people at Sebago Sailing will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the wonderful Sebago Lake. You can either go on a tour with one of the experts or just rent a boat and head off on your own if you have prior sailing experience.

Captains Mike and Mo are very friendly and will teach you all there is to know about this activity.

Besides large sailboats, they also rent cool devices like pedal SUPs, regular boats, kayaks, and more.

14. Go on a seaplane adventure

The Naples Seaplane Adventures CompanySource: Naples Seaplane Adventures / facebook
The Naples Seaplane Adventures Company

After you have experienced the lake from a sailing boat, it’s time to get a different perspective. The Naples Seaplane Adventures company will offer you an unforgettable experience.

The views are amazing and won’t compare with anything you’ve seen before in the area. Captain Matt is an experienced pilot and will tell you more about the places you fly over.

The flight lasts for about 30 minutes; it really is a great experience for the entire family.

15. Shoot ‘em up at the Windham Indoor Shooting Range

The Windham Indoor Shooting RangeSource: The Windham Indoor Shooting Range / facebook
The Windham Indoor Shooting Range

Have you ever wanted to shoot a real gun but never had the chance to? You can do it in a totally safe environment at this shooting range located in Windham.

The facility is clean and well maintained. They have a wide range of guns to choose from, both for beginners and experienced users. For those who want to purchase a gun, it’s a great way to test it here before buying.

The staff are friendly and helpful and will gladly explain how the guns work, how to shoot the targets, and all the safety precautions.

15 Best Things to Do in Gray (Maine):

  • Visit the Maine Wildlife Park
  • Play golf at the Spring Meadows Course
  • Go on a fishing trip
  • Visit the Carrageen Suri Alpacas
  • Stroll along the Libby Hill Forest Trails
  • Admire Pineland Farms
  • Catch a movie at Smitty’s Cinema
  • Have fun at Sebago Lake
  • Rent a paddleboard from Sebago Trails Paddling
  • Have dinner at China Village
  • Dance at the Studio for the Living Arts Complex
  • Hike along the Rattlesnake Mountain Trail
  • Sail on the Sebago Lake
  • Go on a seaplane adventure
  • Shoot ‘em up at the Windham Indoor Shooting Range