15 Best Things to Do in Ghent (Belgium)

Locals and tourists alike love Ghent. What’s not to love in the city after all, there is great art, great food and it is one of the countries best kept secrets. Ghent still feels fairly small compared to other cities in Europe and despite being a great place for a break, it is not overrun by tourists and sightseers.

Ghent is a perfect blend of industry and medieval architecture which will appease every travellers European city palette. Nightlife and food are also good with some truly great food being served at a range of restaurants that will suit all budgets. Beer is king in Belgium and Ghent is home to the famous Gruut beer.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Ghent!

1. Be Awestruck By Gravensteen


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Quite probably the most breathtaking sight in Ghent, Gravensteen is a 12th Century castle built for the count of Flanders. The castle has been sensationally restored to all its former glory after operating for a short time as a cotton mill. The interior may somewhat lack furnishings but makes up for this with a guillotine and suits of armor. If you want to see what the castle was like all those years ago, there is a slightly silly costume drama set in many of the castles rooms and battlements. For the best photo of the castle from afar, try St Widostraat.

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15 Best Things to Do in Ghent (Belgium):