15 Best Things to Do in Richardson (TX)

Written by Jan Meeuwesen
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Richardson in Texas is known for being one of the main cities in Dallas and Collin counties and has a population of a little over 100,000 residents. Home of the University of Texas at Dallas, the city has a strong college feel to it, as well as having a rich cultural diversity that many residents here love.

Richardson is known for its sizeable Chinese and South Indian communities, and their influence can be felt here in the food, shopping, and cultural attractions on offer. In addition to this, Richardson has a wealth of outdoor activities that make it a treat for many to visit, particularly in the number of parks and nature trails that are dotted around the area. If you love the great outdoors then you will certainly find much to keep you occupied here!

Lets explore the best things to do in Richardson:

1. Cottonwood Park

Cottonwood ParkSource: flickr
Cottonwood Park

Located near the city center and a favorite among locals, Cottonwood Park is an ideal place to spend a sunny afternoon in Richardson. The park is known for its delightful duck pond and feeding the avians is allowed, so make sure to take some bread if you want to interact with these cute aquatic residents. Cottonwood Park is also famous for hosting a number of art festivals throughout the year, so make sure that you look out for local listings of what’s on when you are in town so that you don’t miss any of the fun.

2. The North Texas Automotive Museum

North Texas Automotive MuseumSource: tripadvisor
North Texas Automotive Museum

Located in Richardson, the North Texas Automotive Museum is one place that car enthusiasts will love. The city is known for its automobile industry so it is no surprise that locals here enjoy all things automotive related. The showroom here features a range of unique automobiles and classic cars, and you can get up close with the collections as the museum has a personal feel and interactive approach. Friendly staff who are themselves enthusiasts will answer any questions you have, and you can also enjoy a selection of automotive memorabilia alongside the actual classic cars. This is certainly a specialty museum, but one that is well worth visiting for the beautiful exhibits on display.

3. Dr Pepper StarCenter

Dr Pepper StarCenterSource: groupon
Dr Pepper StarCenter

The Dr Pepper StarCenter used to be known as the Ice Training Center, and you may still hear locals refer to this place as the ITC. Whatever its name, the ice rink provides a lot of fun to visitors and locals alike, and is the ideal place to come for families or those who fancy an afternoon on the ice. There are two rinks here as well as a pro shop, and it can be a great experience to enjoy some Arctic cool in the middle of the Texas summer. You can also catch ice hockey tournaments here featuring the local team, the Dallas Stars.

4. Funasia

FunasiaSource: cinematreasures

It would be fair to say that Funasia may not be at all what you would expect to find in the heart of Texas! As the name suggests, this is a little piece of Asia, South Asia to be exact. Funasia is a movie theater that is dedicated to showing Indian movies and other South Asian films. The center was started by the large South Asian community in Richardson, and many of the films here are romping and colorful Bollywood classics. If you are worried about things being lost in translation there is no need to worry, as the vast majority of screenings here have English subtitles so that you can keep up with the plot. There are also other community events held at the center regularly so keep an eye on local listings to see what’s happening when you are in town.

5. Prairie Creek Park

Prairie Creek ParkSource: flickr
Prairie Creek Park

For those who enjoy photography, Prairie Creek Park is the place to come. Measuring in at close to 40 acres, it may not be the largest park in town, but it is known for its scenic landscapes and colorful displays of flowers and plants. Another reason that many locals and budding photographers come here is down to the waterfall that takes pride of place in the center of the park.

6. Heights Family Aquatic Center

Heights Family Aquatic CenterSource: dallasnews
Heights Family Aquatic Center

As the name suggests, Heights Family Aquatic Center is the perfect place for a family day out. The center here has a variety of swimming pools to choose from so there will be something to suit everyone. These include a leisure pool if you want some rest and relaxation, as well as slides and pool toys if you are looking for something a bit more adventuresome. For younger visitors there are kids’ pools and even a tot pool for toddlers to enjoy.

7. Crowley Park

Crowley ParkSource: activerain
Crowley Park

If you like freshwater fishing then you will love Crowley Park which is known for its picturesque fishing pond in the center of the park. The pond also features turtles and ducks, and is also a great place to bring younger visitors thanks to its two play areas. These cater to both young and older guests, and there are also trails that skirt around the park for visitors to enjoy. Picnic areas are situated at strategic locations around the park so you can bring a bite to eat and enjoy the local scenery at the same time.

8. Chinatown

ChinatownSource: antoniorambles

You may not be expecting to find a Chinatown in the middle of Texas, but you will certainly find one in Richardson. As with Funasia, the city has a large Asian population, and the Chinatown here first came to fruition as a result of the large Chinese community. The Chinatown here features a shopping area that is decorated as a local temple and which features authentic Chinese restaurants, shops, and even an Asian supermarket if you want to stock up on regional products.

9. Richardson Farmers Market

Richardson Farmers MarketSource: lanabird
Richardson Farmers Market

The Richardson Farmers Market is held in the parking lot of the North Texas Automotive Museum and is a fabulous choice if you want to check out a local market in the area. The market is touted as a farmers market but there is also something of a flea market atmosphere depending on which vendors have come to sell their wares. With that in mind you can expect to find things that range from local produce and food items to vintage antiques and memorabilia from the region.

10. Four Bullets Brewery

Four Bullets BrewerySource: richardsonliving
Four Bullets Brewery

Said to be the first microbrewery in Richardson, Four Bullets Brewery is named after a hand of four aces in poker. The brewery makes all its beers on site and patrons can taste as range of these ales as part of a tour of the facility. You can visit the taproom here and get a guided tour by a friendly volunteer who will explain all about the brewing process and the different blends available. There is also food available to pair with your beer in the form of rotating food trucks that park outside the brewery and there are picnic tables so that you can fully enjoy the party atmosphere.

11. Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts

Eisemann Center for the Performing ArtsSource: wikipedia
Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts

For some culture in Richardson, look no further than the Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts. There are several venues here that feature both smaller and larger spaces, and the mixture of shows on offer is eclectic. These range from performances by local dance companies, to theatrical shows, to musical concerts. Orchestras from around the region regularly play here and you can even catch some opera here if the mood takes you. The venue is also known for its friendly and helpful staff, excellent acoustics, and well laid out theaters that mean that you won’t get a bad seat anywhere in the house. Check the local listings to see what’s on.

12. G’nosh Art Studio

G’nosh Art StudioSource: yelp
G’nosh Art Studio

If you want to unleash your artistic side while you are in Richardson then look no further than its local art studio, G’nosh. Here you can paint a masterpiece while at the same time indulging in some food and fine wine, which is provided so that you can enjoy a relaxing painting experience. Staff are on hand to help you at all stages of the process and you will get to take your art work home with you as a memento of the trip.

13. Breckinridge Park

Breckinridge ParkSource: flickr
Breckinridge Park

Breckinridge Park is the largest park in Richardson and with that in mind it is a great choice if you fancy going for a hike. There are over 6 miles of trails here, which do not cover the full length of the park, and so you this is ideal if you are feeling active while you are in town. For those who prefer to take it easy, there are other attractions to enjoy in the park such as ponds, picnic areas, and even a small creek. Sporting events are often held in the park, so if you go at the right time you may catch a softball or baseball game here.

14. Sherrill Park Golf Course

Sherrill Park Golf CourseSource: golftexas
Sherrill Park Golf Course

With not one but two courses to choose from, Sherrill Park Golf Course is well known in Richardson as a premium golfing destination. The courses here regularly win awards and the facilities cater to golfers of all skills levels. Whatever your ability, there are golfing areas suitable for your needs, and there are also classes and training sessions that you can join if you want to improve your game.

15. Spring Creek Trail and Spring Creek Nature Center

Spring Creek TrailSource: alltrails
Spring Creek Trail

Located in an area of lush woodland just outside of Richardson, the Spring Creek Trail and Spring Creek Nature Center are the perfect place to seek out a little solitude in the area. The trails are conveniently located close to the center of town but also have a secluded feel, and there are over 5 miles of tracks that cover the area. Popular pastimes here include walking, hiking, or biking in the area so that you can take in the idyllic scenery in whatever way suits your mood and energy levels best.

15 Best Things to Do in Richardson (TX):

  • Cottonwood Park
  • The North Texas Automotive Museum
  • Dr Pepper StarCenter
  • Funasia
  • Prairie Creek Park
  • Heights Family Aquatic Center
  • Crowley Park
  • Chinatown
  • Richardson Farmers Market
  • Four Bullets Brewery
  • Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts
  • G’nosh Art Studio
  • Breckinridge Park
  • Sherrill Park Golf Course
  • Spring Creek Trail and Spring Creek Nature Center