15 Best Things to Do in Nancy (France)

You won’t help but be awestruck by Nancy’s magnificent architecture.

Place Stanislas is the centrepiece of a UNESCO site, a glorious square commissioned by the last Duke of Lorraine in the 18th century, transforming the centre of the city.

Nancy’s appearance evolved again in the late-19th century when it was at the vanguard of Art Nouveau.

There’s a superb museum for the École de Nancy movement, and you can spot many delightful houses in this style on a walking tour.

The renaissance Ducal Palace is where you can get to grips with the Dukes of Lorraine, and the power and wealth they flaunted.

Lets explore the best things to do in Nancy:

1. Place Stanislas

Place Stanislas

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Place Stanislas

A huge 18th-century urban planning project, this incredible square was the brainchild of the Pole, Stanislas Leszczyński, the last Duke of Lorraine.

Place Stanislas, and its connecting squares is a World Heritage Site, with a sense of scale and grandeur that can still leave you lost for words.

A host of the city’s main sights and institutions are in the pavilions and palaces built as part of the project, including the City Hall, Opera House, Fine Arts Museum and Triumphal Arch.

With pride of place in the centre of the square is an imposing statue of Stanislas, four metres in height , weighing 5.4 tons atop a pedestal of white marble.

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15 Best Things to Do in Nancy (France):

Place Stanislas