15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. and it takes this ranking seriously.  You’ll find big cities, big portions, big hats, big houses, big everything when you visit.  But just like in smaller states, the real heart of Texas can be found in the small towns and natural landscapes scattered throughout.

Whether you’re travelling along the Gulf of Mexico or through major cities like Dallas or Houston you won’t want to miss at least a few stopovers in some of these unique and charming small towns.

1. Granbury

Granbury, Texas

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Granbury, Texas

If you’re looking for the American old west and outlaw history, Granbury is a great place to start.  Most believe that Jesse James, a famous outlaw of the late 19th century is buried in Missouri, but locals in Granbury are adamant that he’s actually buried there.

Be sure to check out the Granbury Opera house (established just after the Texas revolution) and the Revolver Brewing company while you’re at it.  Go a little further back in time when you visit Dinosaur World, complete with life sized replicas of some of the creatures whose fossils have been found nearby.

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15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Texas:

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