15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Nebraska

If you love being somewhere where you have room to breathe, think, and explore, then you’re sure to love Nebraska, a land of rolling hills and historical treasures. The vast grasslands have always been home to indigenous peoples and in the 1800s became a base for homesteaders. Nebraskans have a penchant for being self-reliant and in-tune with the nature that surrounds them.

Today, Nebraska is a great state to explore the great outdoors, historical sites, archeological findings, the culture of the Old West, and more. In between the major landmarks and endless fields are many small towns, each with their own unique personality and offerings for tourists of all types. Each small town is perfect for spending the day, weekend, or simply however long you feel like! To make the most of Nebraska, it’s best to cancel all hard-booked plans and go with the flow. You’ll easily fall in love with the friendly, more in-the-moment pace of life that Nebraskans are known for.

Lets explore the best small towns to visit in Nebraska:

1. Brownville

Brownville Village Theatre

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Brownville Village Theatre

Founded in 1854, this tiny town of Brownville is a historical gem with so much to offer despite its small size.

Travelers will love perusing the museums, boutique shops, bookstores, folk art galleries, and even stay in a floating bed and breakfast accommodation on the river.

Brownville also has a plethora of a walking and biking trail, arboretum, and a 100-year-old barn surrounded by vineyards.

In the evenings, tourists can also go to Brownville Village Theatre, a delightful venue with talented live performers of all types.

And if there’s nothing going on there, you can also head to the Brownville Concert Hall, a happening place renowned for featuring Bluegrass artists.

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15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Nebraska:

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