15 Best Things to Do in Pomona (CA)

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The city of Pomona is actually named after the Roman goddess of fruit, and with that in mind, it is fair to say that you can expect a wealth of delicious sweet produce if you visit this part of the United States. You can sample some of this at the Pomona Farmers Market, although fresh fruit is not the only thing that Pomona has to offer visitors. As well as a vibrant farmers market, you can also enjoy an array of other events in this city, like the Los Angeles County Fair and the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

In keeping with the art theme, you can also experience quirky events like the Chalk Art Festival if you are in town at the right time, or hunt for antique bargains at the Downtown Collectors Street Faire. Aside from its festivals and markets, there are a huge number of other things to do in Pomona, such as visit the many art galleries dotted around town, or stop for a refreshing beer at a craft brewery. You can also indulge a love of the arts at one of the theaters here, or you can take in the extensive history of this area with a visit to one of the period buildings hosted by the Historical Society of Pomona.

Lets explore the best things to do in Pomona:

1. Fox Theater Pomona

Fox Theater PomonaSource: flickr
Fox Theater Pomona

If you fancy catching a show in Pomona then consider a trip to the Fox Theater Pomona where you will find a range of attractions and concerts.

The theater is known for being one of the premium concert spaces in the region, and you can see acts like local bands here as well as artists from the wider area.

Check local listings to see what’s on when you are in town, as this is one of the best places to catch some great music in the Southern California area.

2. Phillips Mansion

Phillips MansionSource: wikipedia
Phillips Mansion

For anyone who considers themselves a history buff, the Phillips Mansion is Pomona is a must-see attraction if you are visiting.

The Phillips Mansion is known in the city as a gorgeous example of traditional architecture, and is built in the Second Empire style.

The house dates from 1875 and belonged to Louis Phillips, from whom it gets its name.

Phillips was known for being the richest man in the Los Angeles County area, and the house is a fine example of a mansion from the 19th century.

The mansion is now on the National Register of Historic Places and you can visit and see how the wealthy would have lived back in the days of old.

3. 2nd Saturday Art Walk

Art WalkSource: youtube
Art Walk

If you happen to be in town on the 2nd Saturday of the month then make sure not to miss the Art Walk which is one of the most popular events in Pomona.

Galleries all over the city take part and open late to showcase recent exhibitions, and many other venues in the area such as restaurants also take part with extended opening hours and tailored events.

The event is also not limited to paintings, and you can expect to find exhibits that showcase ceramic work, jewelry, media, and photography.

4. Latino Art Museum

Latino Art MuseumSource: lamoa
Latino Art Museum

To celebrate the Latino influence in this part of California, why not head to the Latino Art Museum, which is dedicated to showcasing the work of Latin American artists in the Pomona area.

The museum has a mission statement to promote art by talented local artists, as well as educate the community and visitors on the art and culture of Latin American artists.

Galleries rotate often with an array of exciting exhibits, and you can expect a fresh and vibrant approach to experimental art work if you visit.

You can also sign up to take an art class here if you want to make your own masterpiece.

5. Downtown Collectors Street Faire

Downtown Collectors Street FaireSource: mendezmanor
Downtown Collectors Street Faire

Located on the famous Antique Row, the Downtown Collectors Street Faire is a mixture between a festival and a marketplace all at the same time.

The faire is held on the last Saturday in January, March, May, September, and November, and you can expect antique stores to take to the streets to sell their wares, as well as live music and food concession stands selling the latest produce.

When the faire is not running, you can still get your antique fix at one of the many period stores after which the row is named.

6. The Glass House Pomona

The Glass House PomonaSource: flickr
The Glass House Pomona

No matter who you are travelling with, the Glass House Pomona has acts for all age groups, and is said to be one of the best venues in the Pomona area.

Here you will find a range of shows that span all kinds of musical genres, so whatever your preferences you will probably still find something of interest.

Make sure to check out local listings so that you don’t miss a show when you are in Pomona.

7. Fairplex

FairplexSource: sheratonfairplex

Fairplex is actually a rather misleading name for what is actually the Los Angeles County Fair that takes place every year, usually in September.

The complex is almost 500 acres wide, so there are a huge range of events at the fair including amusement park rides and concession stands as you would expect.

During the rest of the year the space operates a range of other events such as animal shows and racing events.

8. The Southern California Medical Museum

The Southern California Medical MuseumSource: lasplash
The Southern California Medical Museum

The Southern California Medical Museum is something of a quirky stop off if you are looking for something a little different to do in the Pomona area.

The museum is actually part of the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona and you will need to make an appointment if you want to take a tour.

If you do however, you will be rewarded with a large collection of antique and unusual medical equipment, as well as a trip through the history of medicine in this part of the United States.

9. Pomona Farmers Market

Pomona Farmers MarketSource: flickr
Pomona Farmers Market

The Pomona Farmers Market takes place at the same time as the 2nd Sunday Artwalk in the city and is located in the central Shaun Diamond Plaza area of Pomona.

Here you will find an array of delicious produce from across the region, and if you want a meal made with quintessential California ingredients, then this is the place to find it.

10. 57 Underground

57 UndergroundSource: 57underground
57 Underground

57 Underground is not just an art gallery, but also an organization of artists from the region who are on a mission to educate the local community on the joys of art.

The gallery spans 2,000 meters of event space and is free for visitors.

It hosts a variety of exhibitions by talented individuals from the Pomona area, and is also dedicated to showcasing both classic and more experimental art work.

11. Ygnacio Palomares Adobe

Ygnacio Palomares AdobeSource: commons.wikimedia
Ygnacio Palomares Adobe

The Ygnacio Palomares Adobe is an adobe that dates from 1850, and used to belong to Don Ygnacio Palomares.

The adobe fell into disrepair for many years until it was lovingly restored by the city, and now operates as a museum where visitors can learn all about Spanish and Mexican rancho life in days gone by.

The adobe is also on the National Register of Historic Places in Pomona.

The adobe is only open on Sundays.

12. Homage Brewing

Homage BrewingSource: homagebrewing
Homage Brewing

For anyone looking for a taste of craft beer in Pomona, Homage Brewing is definitely a good place to start.

This craft brewery makes all their signature beers on site, and you can visit their brewery and tap room for a taste, as well as enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and music on offer here.

You can buy the beer to take home or enjoy it in the beer garden area of the brewery.

13. Auto Club Raceway

Auto Club RacewaySource: flickr
Auto Club Raceway

The Auto Club Raceway in Pomona also goes by the name the Pomona Raceway and is one of the premium racing facilities in the area.

The track has a drag strip that runs for a quarter of a mile, and is also the host of the Winternationals racing event every year.

Not only can you watch a race here as the raceway has a capacity of around 40,000 spectators, but you can also take to the track yourself to race against your opponents or try to beat the clock.

Either way, if you love to speed, then make sure to stop off here when you are in Pomona.

14. Chalk Art Festival

Chalk Art FestivalSource: ieshineon
Chalk Art Festival

Hosted in the fall, usually around November, you will find the Chalk Art Festival in Pomona, which is a great attraction to visit if you are looking for something a little different.

The festival is run by the Cultural Arts Commission and means that the city bursts into a riot of color as the sidewalks are adorned with pictures by budding artists, professionals, and local residents.

If you are feeling creative yourself, then you can also have a go at creating your own work of art with some chalk.

15. La Casa Primera de Rancho San Jose

La Casa Primera de Rancho San JoseSource: commons.wikimedia.
La Casa Primera de Rancho San Jose

La Casa Primera de Rancho San Jose is the name of an adobe in Pomona that dates from 1837 and also has the claim to fame of being the oldest home structure in all of Pomona Valley.

The building was part of the Rancho San Jose land grant and is a historic landmark in Pomona which now operates as a museum run by the Historical Society of Pomona.

The museum gives visitors a unique insight into how people would have lived in Pomona in the 19th century, so if you are interested in history, make sure not to miss this attraction when you are in town.

The ranch is only open on Sundays.

15 Best Things to Do in Pomona (CA):

  • Fox Theater Pomona
  • Phillips Mansion
  • 2nd Saturday Art Walk
  • Latino Art Museum
  • Downtown Collectors Street Faire
  • The Glass House Pomona
  • Fairplex
  • The Southern California Medical Museum
  • Pomona Farmers Market
  • 57 Underground
  • Ygnacio Palomares Adobe
  • Homage Brewing
  • Auto Club Raceway
  • Chalk Art Festival
  • La Casa Primera de Rancho San Jose