14 Best Things to Do in Cabot (Arkansas)

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Due to its small size and rural setting, Cabot isn’t exactly jam-packed with things that’ll keep you and your travel partners busy for days. But if you’re willing to visit some of the surrounding cities and countryside, you just may be surprised at what you find.

The region north of Little Rock is home to some of the state’s most famous wildlife preserves and parks, so outdoorsmen and nature lovers will be happy. And if art, culture, and history are more your thing, you’ll find plenty of activities to appreciate as well.

Below are 14 things to do in and around Cabot.

1. Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery

Camp Nelson Confederate CemeterySource: Srawilson / Wikimedia
Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery

During the Civil War, Arkansas and Missouri were hotly contested states and were often occupied by troops from both the Union and Confederacy. Not surprisingly, there were plenty of battles as well.

Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery, just east of the town of Cabot, is free to visit and is an interesting insight into the war between states that took so many lives in the mid-19th century.

The cemetery is located on a picturesque treed plot of ground and is the home and final resting place of nearly 1,500 souls who lost their lives in battles that took place nearby.

2. Do Drop In Flea Market

Do Drop In Flea MarketSource: Do Drop In Flea Market / Facebook
Do Drop In Flea Market

Located on Center Street in Beebe, Arkansas, the Do Drop In Flea Market is a favorite place for locals. If you are looking for good deals on odds-and-ends and don’t mind taking your time scouring through a lot of stuff to find what you’re looking for, you’ll have a ball here.

Like most flea markets, there are treasures to be had; you’ll find antique furniture, collectibles, housewares and lots of other interesting tidbits of Arkansas culture and Americana that you won’t find elsewhere.

It’s a good idea to check out their Facebook posts periodically to see if they’re offering sales or specials that might interest you.

3. Jacksonville Museum of Military History

Jacksonville Museum of Military HistorySource: Brandonrush / Wikimedia
Jacksonville Museum Of Military History

The Jacksonville Museum of Military History is perhaps the region’s most complete collection of displays, exhibits, and artifacts relating to Arkansas’ role in the wars and conflicts that shaped America.

Items on display include guns, photos, uniforms and photographs, and some that highlight the lives of the men from the area who died in battle.

There’s also a fascinating bit about an intercontinental missile mishap that occurred in the mid-‘60s that isn’t well known – a surprise since it killed more than 50 people.

From the Civil War to Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s a like taking a step back in time.

4. Squizito Tasting Room

Squizito Tasting RoomSource: Squizito Tasting Room / Facebook
Squizito Tasting Room

If like me, you didn’t realize that Extra Virgin Olive came in nearly 50 flavors, then you really ought to stop by the Squizito Tasting Room to get up to speed.

In addition to the olive oil varieties, the tasting room has a full complement of balsamic vinegar, tea, coffee, sauces, and baked goods too.

If you need a gift or two for the food lovers who couldn’t make the trip, it’s a great place to pick up some unique keepsakes.

Many of the products are locally produced, so it’s a great way to support local entrepreneurs and farmers as well.

5. Splash Zone Water Park

Splash Zone Water Park, JacksonvilleSource: Splash Zone / Facebook
Splash Zone Water Park

Summers in Arkansas can be deathly hot and humid. If you’re traveling with little ones that need a good way to expend some pent-up energy, a trip to the Splash Zone Water Park in Jacksonville would be a wise choice.

With all the attractions you’d expect from a water park, it features slides, splash pads, dump buckets and lots of others cool gizmos too. For the parents who’d rather watch from a safe distance, there are plenty of lounge chairs complete with broad umbrellas to block the sun.

The price is reasonable, and there are plenty of clean restrooms and concession stands.

6. Holland Bottoms Wildlife Area

Holland Bottoms Wildlife AreaSource: Laurie Whitney Skillern / Facebook
Holland Bottoms Wildlife Area

For sportsmen of all stripes, the Hollands Bottom Wildlife Area is a place that should be enjoyed on your trip to Central Arkansas.

Located between the towns of Jacksonville and Cabot, it’s a mecca for hunters and anglers, especially those after squirrels, deer and largemouth bass.

The wildlife area consists of thousands of acres of lakes, rivers, and mostly untouched tracts of hardwood forest. Regardless of what season you choose to visit, you’re in for some beautiful sights.

Remember though, whether you’re a resident or not, hunting and fishing require the correct licenses and permits, so get what you need before you go.

7. Reed’s Bridge Battlefield

Reed's Bridge BattlefieldSource: Valis55 / Wikimedia
Reed’s Bridge Battlefield

The Reed’s Bridge Battlefield is another bit of local Civil War history that’s easy to find and convenient to visit, any time that it fits into your schedule.

Since there’s no visitor center, it’s free. It includes some remakes of structures and fortifications that resemble the originals, giving guests a sense of the starkness and danger that plagued soldiers during the brutal war.

Plan on spending an hour or so strolling through the fields. Nearby bookstores and museums carry books on the Battlefield if you’re interested in reading more.

Though it’s not particularly exciting, it’s an excellent stop for military and Civil War aficionados.

8. AGFF Shooting Sports Complex

AGFF Shooting Sports ComplexSource: AGFF Shooting Sports Complex / Facebook
AGFF Shooting Sports Complex

Whether you’re a gun enthusiast or not, the AFGG Shooting Sports Complex is an interesting place to check out, especially if they’re hosting a competition, which they do often.

The complex has facilities for trap and skeet shooting and just plain target practice as well. As long as you’re with a gun owner and follow the safety rules, you can give shooting a try.

During peak times, the range can get crowded, especially if it’s on the weekend and the weather is nice, so if you’d like to avoid the crowds, consider heading out at non-peak times during the week.

9. Bell Slough Wildlife Area

Bell Slough Wildlife AreaSource: Michael Williamson‎ / Facebook
Bell Slough Wildlife Area

Consisting of more than 2,000 acres, the Bell Slough Wildlife Management Area is located about 20 miles from Little Rock, and just a few from Cabot.

It includes a multitude of habitats, like rivers, streams, swamplands and forested tracts, all which attract a wide variety of animals.

The area’s main trail is a little longer than two miles and includes many signs and interpretive displays along the way, so you’ll get a fascinating insight into the local ecology, flora, and fauna.

Many of the park’s animals are readily viewable, especially if you’re on the trail in the early morning or late afternoon just before evening.

10. Rail & Sprue Hobbies

Rail & Sprue HobbiesSource: Rail & Sprue Hobbies / Facebook
Rail & Sprue Hobbies

For hobby train enthusiasts and newbies alike, Rail and Sprue is a fun and educational place to visit, containing one of the most complete stocks of hobby trains and parts anywhere in the area.

If you’re no novice when it comes to all things train, you’ll appreciate their selection and helpful staff; if you can’t find what you’re looking for onsite, they’ll tell you where you can.

The shop is even a great resource for families with children who have gotten the train bug. They have plenty of items for sale that are suitable for young builders and collectors, so it’s not just an adult oriented store.

11. Camp Robinson Wildlife Management Area

Camp Robinson Wildlife Management AreaSource: Donna Haynes / Facebook
Camp Robinson Wildlife Management Area

Arkansas is known as The Natural State for good reason.

It’s chock-full of lakes, rivers, mountains, and forest woodlands. Over the past century, thousands of acres of state land have been officially put under management to protect them.

Camp Robinson Wildlife Management Area near Cabot is managed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. It is open to hunters and fisherman throughout the year who want to take advantage of the area’s natural resources.

Remember that whether you’re from Arkansas or not, you’ll need the correct licenses and permits, so check their website carefully to make sure you have what you need before heading out.

12. Flyway Brewing

Flyway BrewingSource: Flyway Brewing / Facebook
Flyway Brewing

Located in the trendy and hip Argenta District just north of downtown Little Rock, Flyway Brewing and its neighborhood are great places to check out if you’d like to get a sense of the local culture, taste some great food, and drink a cold beer or two.

Flyway brewing offers tours of their facility if you’re interested. If you’d just like to stop by for a quick cold one, that’s okay too.

Check their website for hours of operation, tour times, and what beers they currently have on tap. Regardless of your taste, you’ll probably find one that you like.

13. Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

Little Rock Central High School National Historic SiteSource: Robin Keefe / shutterstock
Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

In the 1950s, Little Rock was ground zero for the desegregation mania that gripped many of the country’s states; in no place did it play out in more dramatic fashion than in central Arkansas.

When nine African American children marched into a formerly all-white school, it created chaos that was caught on national television and broadcast all over the country. A visit to Central High School where it all took place is a worthwhile way to spend a few hours, especially if you’re interested in American history.

Since it’s still a functioning high school, visiting hours are limited, so check online before making a special trip.

14. Rock Town River Outfitters

Rock Town River OutfittersSource: Rock Town River Outfitters / Facebook
Rock Town River Outfitters

The Arkansas River passes through a fantastic variety of landscapes and offers kayakers some spectacular vistas that those stuck on land will never get to see.

Rock Town River Outfitters is the region’s first outfitter, which means they’ve got more experience on the water than just about anyone. They offer guided tours as well as kayak rentals.

If you opt for the guided tour, be sure to book in advance. You’ll have a few options to choose from. If you’re not kayak-savvy, don’t worry, you’ll get instruction on how to use them before heading out into the wilderness.

14 Best Things to Do in Cabot (Arkansas):

  • Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery
  • Do Drop In Flea Market
  • Jacksonville Museum of Military History
  • Squizito Tasting Room
  • Splash Zone Water Park
  • Holland Bottoms Wildlife Area
  • Reed's Bridge Battlefield
  • AGFF Shooting Sports Complex
  • Bell Slough Wildlife Area
  • Rail & Sprue Hobbies
  • Camp Robinson Wildlife Management Area
  • Flyway Brewing
  • Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site
  • Rock Town River Outfitters