15 Best Things to Do in Modesto (CA)

Modesto means ‘Modest’ in Spanish, and in many ways this has remained a fitting name for this humble and unassuming city.

Many visitors to the region will not realize, for example, that they are witnessing a little bit of American pop culture, as Modesto is actually the hometown of the filmmaker George Lucas, and inspired one of the most famous films of high school angst set in the 1960s, ‘American Graffiti’.

The legend of this film still lives on in the city and there is even a dedicated event held in honor of the movie, named Graffiti Summer, but this is by no means the only reason to visit Modesto.

The city is surrounded by natural beauty, and is close to iconic locations such as Yosemite National Park.

There are a range of other parks and waterways in the city itself that offer you the chance to commune with nature, and you can even go rafting here on the Stanislaus River.

As well as natural beauty, Modesto is also known for its arts scene, and you will find museums, galleries, theaters, and concert venues all over this understated yet surprising city.

Lets explore the best things to do in Modesto:

1. Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market

Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market

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Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market

The Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market has an illustrious 30 year history in the area and many visitors may not know that Modesto is known for being one of the pioneers of the Farm-To-Table philosophy in the United States.

With that in mind, the market here has some of the most delicious and freshest produce from the Central Valley area, and as well as fruits and vegetables you can also find cheeses and homemade goods like jam, jelly, and artisan honey.

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15 Best Things to Do in Modesto (CA):

Yosemite National Park