15 Best Places to Visit in the Czech Republic

In the very heartland of Central Europe, the Czech Republic bubbles up in a confident medley of Bohemian history, Moravian charm and Slavic panache. Its cities brim with Gothic wonders, its towns burst with Baroque majesty and its backcountry boasts eye-watering forests, cave systems and mountains. Check out this list of the top destinations to visit when hitting the road in this much-loved section of Europe.

1. Prague

Old Town Square, Prague

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Old Town Square, Prague

No list of the Czech Republic’s top destinations could possibly be complete without at least a mention of its iconic capital, which rises from the winding meanders of the Vltava River in the heartlands of Bohemia in a symphony of the Gothic, the Baroque and the Medieval. Steeped in history, the so-called City of a Hundred Spires is famed for its gloriously adorned Old Town, anchored on one photogenic central square that comes complete with a curious astronomical clock and the pointed turrets of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn. Travelers can also wander between the saintly statues of the Charles Bridge and up to Prague Castle (one of the largest on the continent), seek out the haunting ghosts of Kafka’s pages, or simply indulge in a medley of unpasteurized Czech beers, Bohemian dumplings and one of Europe’s liveliest nightlife scenes. Also browse our guide on the best things to do in Prague.

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15 Best Places to Visit in the Czech Republic:

Karlovy Vary