15 Best Things to Do in Ostrava (Czech Republic)

Ostrava is the Czech Republic’s third city, known historically for heavy industry thanks to its large coal deposits. In Landek Park here the carbon even pushes up through the topsoil, and there’s evidence of human coal use going back 25,000 years. In modern times this turned the city into an industrial heartland, and it’s still a city that takes great pride in its mining heritage. Ostrava will hit the spot for people who want authentic industrial tourism, being home to two mining attractions, as well as the Vitkovice area, which combines a colliery with metal-works in an ensemble that is unlike anything else in the Europe. Let’s have a look at the best things to do in Ostrava!

1. Vitkovice


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In case you need proof of Ostrava’s pride in its industrial roots the vast industrial remnants of the Vitkovice metallurgy district have been cherished and transformed into modern attractions. The cavernous gasometer is a concert hall, while the 19th-century blast furnace is part of a tour that includes a 60-metre-high lookout accessed by an industrial elevator. The whole district is on the European cultural heritage list. One of the many things that makes Vitkovice special is that the entire steel-manufacturing supply chain can be found right in the same place. There are coal mines, coke plants, as well as iron and steel works, all next door to each other.

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15 Best Things to Do in Ostrava (Czech Republic):

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