15 Best Things to Do in Pilsen (Czech Republic)

It doesn’t take a connoisseur to know that the city of Pilsen is the spiritual home of beer. You can tell from the name that Pilsner lager was born here,  and this the perfect place to quench your curiosity for the Czech Republic’s most famous export. The old town has long ties with this industry, and is well worth your time, particularly the architecture around the Square of the Republic, where charming gothic and renaissance buildings are among the attractions that jostle for attention. Here you’ll discover the Czech Republic’s tallest church tower, and the third-largest synagogue in the world, while you can also delve in the city’s underworld where endless subterranean tunnels have survived since medieval times. They used to make and store beer down there too! Let’s explore the best things to do in Pilsen:

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1. Plzenské Pivovary

Plzenské Pivovary

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Plzenské Pivovary

For a starting point look no further than the brewery that exports Pilsner Urquell to more than 50 countries worldwide. Urquell was the first-ever blond lager, created in 1842 and its game-changing bottom-fermentation process was the ancestor of around two-thirds of all beers consumed in the world today. This SABMiIller facility is actually a number of breweries in one place, and English-speaking tours take place three times daily. You get to see the new and old brew houses, water purification plant, “lagering” caves and the packaging line. It’s a great choice for people who want a “How it’s Made” style experience for the world’s favourite alcoholic beverage.

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15 Best Things to Do in Pilsen (Czech Republic):

Museum of West Bohemia