15 Best Flea Markets in California

California has something to offer everyone. No matter where you are in the state, great beaches are never far away. If beaches are not your thing, skiing in the mountains is always an option.

There is fresh produce available year round, and other than the traffic, you are never far away from, well, just about anything.

California also has some of the best flea markets in the country, and just like everything else in California, you a never very far away from a great one.

Here are 15 of the best flea markets California has to offer. We start off with the ones in Northern California, you can jump to page 7 if you’d like to see those in Southern California.

1. Alameda Point Antique Fair – Alameda, CA

Alameda Point Antique Fair

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Alameda Point Antique Fair

With over 800 vendors, the Alameda Pointe Antique Faire is touted as one of the largest fairs in the northern part of the state, and this fair surely does not disappoint.

There is something for everyone here.

There is a wide array of items including furniture, collectables, jewelry, clothing, and art just to name a few.

The fair is open the first Sunday of every month, and all items are required to be at least twenty years old, so you know you will score some vintage finds here.

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15 Best Flea Markets in California:

Alameda Point Antique Fair