10 Best Beaches In Nicaragua

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A seaboard that consists of 910 miles of coastline is sure to offer some astonishing sandy beaches.

Encircled by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, you can just imagine the variety of Nicaraguan Beaches.

Whether you are looking for isolated, busy, white sand, black sand, tamed or wild beaches, there is a beach for everybody.

Imagine exploring a beach with monkeys and other wildlife.

Thanks to Nicaragua and their wildlife conservation efforts, you can enjoy your time at a beach and visit with monkeys at the same time.

Everyone has their ideal image of a beautiful beach, but here is a list of the top 10 best beaches in Nicaragua.

Our list consists of an assortment of beaches so everyone can find a place they enjoy and can call paradise.

If you enjoy volcanic sceneries, secluded beaches, and colonial design, Nicaragua is the paradise you have been waiting for.

1. Corn Island

Corn IslandSource: Riderfoot / shutterstock
Corn Island

Corn Island is located 70 km off the Caribbean coast and has everything you could possibly desire.

It is the epitome of tranquility and serenity.

The laid-back, Creole culture is something you need to experience, along with the ocean breeze and sleepy wharves.

A quick flight from Managua is the best way to get to the island but you can choose from ferries, boats, and buses as well.

The months from July to March are lobster season, and you know what that means.

If you fancy seafood, I would recommend visiting sometime during those months.

2. Redonda Bay

Redonda BaySource: Nature's Charm / shutterstock
Redonda Bay

The true meaning of paradise, Redonda Bay is located on the southern coast.

Owned by the Aqua Wellness Resort, it separates the jungle on one side and crystal clear water on the other.

If you are not staying at the resort, you can book reservations for lunch or dinner and enjoy the beach.

It is a perfect private escape from reality, and your lunch will be just as fantastic as the view.

You get a two for one deal: a chance to experience the jungle life and tour around to the other side, and swim in transparent water and sunbathe on white sand.

3. Playa Remanso

Playa RemansoSource: Inga Pracute / shutterstock
Playa Remanso

South of San Juan lays a beautiful beach on a bay, which boasts views of the mountains in Costa Rica on a clear day.

Playa Remanso is only 8 km from town but it takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to get there due to road conditions.

There is a gated community where guests can stay, or the town is rather close.

There are restaurants located on the beach where you can indulge in delectable gastronomy and a cold one.

This beach is great for beginners who want to learn how to surf.

The gentle waves are great for longboarding and make for a fun day away from town.

4. Playa El Coco

Playa El CocoSource: Francisco Blanco / shutterstock
Playa El Coco

Rock formations and vegetation are the attractions at Playa El Coco.

The water is always calm and the beach is never crowded.

It’s a good plan to go for peace and relaxation.

There are lodging options in the area as well as a restaurant at one end of the beach.

The nearby villages offer beach volleyball, soccer and horseback adventures.

Playa El Coco is approximately 20 minutes from San Juan del Sur and buses are available to reach this beach.

Since the water is calm, this is a great beach to bring children for the day.

It’s great for swimming and fun family activities.

5. Playa Maderas

Playa MaderasSource: LMspencer / shutterstock
Playa Maderas

Playa Maderas is a paradise like no other.

Located only 20 minutes from San Juan del Sur, this is the perfect location for a Nicaraguan getaway.

This piece of paradise is more touristy than other beaches, thanks to the bars and restaurants that serve delicious cuisine.

Seafood lovers will enjoy the ceviche and fish tacos.

The signature shark-fin shaped rock formations are a staple for photographers visiting Nicaragua.

The jungle-like cove is great for tide pooling and is a unique feature of Playa Maderas.

This beach has consistent swells, which are great for all levels of surfers.

This destination is becoming more attractive to people who want to get out of the city but still enjoy paradise and a few bars.

6. Las Peñitas

Las PeñitasSource: Lauren Squire / shutterstock
Las Peñitas

Are you looking to kick back, relax and enjoy a cappuccino or cocktail on one of the best beaches in Nicaragua, all while enjoying a striking sunset? Las Peñitas is a white sandy beach that stretches for 5 kilometres.

The locals like to call it one of their best-kept secrets.

The 5 kilometres of coastline is lined with cafes and bars for fresh food and beverages.

The secret is starting to come out as more international travelers are finding out about this beach.

It is great for surfing and swimming and for those who just enjoy watching the waves.

It is always impressive to see people surf, and to capture the experience on camera.

7. Pearl Cays

Pearl CaysSource: PixieMe / shutterstock
Pearl Cays

Fascinating jungle, luscious palm trees, white sandy beaches, and turquoise water make up the islands of Pearl Cays.

The area consists of 12 cays that offer a romantic experience or a place to seclude oneself from reality.

Since the water is crystal clear, the snorkeling is amazing.

The diving is great too, and swimming, of course, is a favorite.

If visiting Pearl Cays, you will need to bring your passport, as there is a military checkpoint.

Although the infrastructure is limited on the island, you can still find restaurants for a bite to eat.

The only risk you run with visiting Pearl Cays is the feeling of not wanting to return home.

8. Jiquilillo

JiquililloSource: Choupi33 / shutterstock

A black sand beach lined with coconut palms, fishing boats and a deep blue ocean is everything one needs in order to be happy in paradise.

Sometimes off the beaten path is where you will find the best places.

You will find all the seashells one desires in all different shapes, sizes, and even colors.

The black volcanic sand makes for some distinctive photos, and is a good change from white sand beaches.

This beach is great for discharging turtles and surfing.

Since this is an off the beaten path type of beach, there are only a handful of hostels and hotels.

This can be great if you don’t fancy being surrounded by tourists.

9. Miskito Cays

Miskito CaysSource: Daniel Lauziere / shutterstock
Miskito Cays

This island with little infrastructure, once a hot spot for pirates, is only accessible by boat.

There is no accommodation, potable water or electricity.

It is really a remote location.

Since this area is so remote, there is little information to be found on Miskito Cays, but what I can tell you is that this island is very wild and undomesticated.

It is definitely worth the boat ride and the unique experience.

Not to mention the snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and bird watching that you can partake in.

There are not many places in the world that offer such a secluded experience.

Having a white sand beach, with glassy water all to oneself, sounds hard to beat.

10. Playa La Flor

Playa La FlorSource: roxybrownfoxy / shutterstock
Playa La Flor

Monkeys, iguanas, possums, sea turtles and migratory birds are all home to Playa La Flor, which is an 800-hectare reserve.

You won’t get to experience a place like this anywhere else in Nicaragua and being only 20 km south of San Juan del Sur, this is a great opportunity.

There is an entrance fee to the refuge in order to see the wildlife.

If you go to Playa La Flor by bus, all the buses pass the entrance, and then you will have to walk a few minutes in order to access the reserve.

You will not regret visiting Playa La Flor and regardless of the season, you are sure to see some wildlife.

10 Best Beaches In Nicaragua:

  • Corn Island
  • Redonda Bay
  • Playa Remanso
  • Playa El Coco
  • Playa Maderas
  • Las Peñitas
  • Pearl Cays
  • Jiquilillo
  • Miskito Cays
  • Playa La Flor