25 Best Things To Do In Bristol (England)

Bristol is England’s sixth biggest city, home to nearly 450,000 people. The area has been populated since the Iron Age with evidence of ancient forts and Roman villas in the surrounding countryside. Bristol has thrived throughout the centuries, once a popular port for journeys to America, and now a hub for culture, aerospace and industry. Today, Bristol is a colourful and welcoming city with easy access to coastline and natural countryside, making it a great place to start exploring England. Here are some of the best things to do on your next trip to Bristol.

1. Bristol Harbour

Bristol Harbour

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Bristol Harbour

Start your Bristol experience with a trip to Bristol Harbour. The harbour has stood since the 13th century due to its excellent location upon the River Avon. In the past, this was the departure point for ships sailing to the ‘New World’ and a popular arrival destination for Europeans. Today, the main port has been moved further downstream but the harbour remains full of activity, with a number of arts and exhibitions spaces on-site, as well as cafes and interesting attractions. Take a river cruise on a ferry to learn more about Bristol, the River Avon, and nearby towns. Or time your trip to coincide with the Bristol Harbour Festival to see a grand array of boats on display, including Royal Navy vessels and tall ships.

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25 Best Things To Do In Bristol (England):

Bristol Harbour