15 Best Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau

Long side-lined for its poor human rights record and extensive repertoire of political instabilities (no president has ever managed to complete a full five-year term since independence here!), the Guinea-Bissau of today is actually much more of an amenable place than many travelers think.

Of course, always stay abreast of the latest FCO developments (things have been known to change for the worse overnight in this section of West Africa), but also look forward to the exotic line-up of treats that awaits.

Yep, from the desert ridges of Muslim Gabú in the east to the throbbing port sides of Bissau (the capital) in the west, this country’s got chimps and rolling savannah, rainforests, wending rivers, colonial architecture and more.

And that’s not even mentioning the fabled archipelago of the Bissagos Islands; a place of salt-water hippos and truly beautiful, turtle-dotted coastlines! Check out this list of all the top places to see in oft-overlooked GB…

1. Orango Island

Orango Island

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Orango Island

Galumphing hippos drift in and out of the brackish lagoons of Orango Grande, one of the undisputed jewels of the Bissagos Islands and a distinct national park in its own right.

In fact, wildlife lovers flock to this small land mass in the Atlantic to see the rare salt-water creatures in their natural habitat, and there are oodles of local guides here that operate wetland safaris out into the waterways and mangroves to see them.

Add to that a series of sparkling white beaches, a single, community-run hotel, and a clutch of curious local tribes with long-held traditions, and it’s easy to see why Orango makes so many a Guinea-Bissau itinerary!

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