Top 5 Things To Do In Menifee (CA)

Written by Jan Meeuwesen
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Like many of the cities in California, Menifee was founded on the agricultural industry but is growing in a different way at present with residential expansion attracting a large number of people from Los Angeles and the Inland Empire to come and live in the city. The main reasons to visit Menifee as a tourist include a mix of historic and cultural sights as well as modern day tourist attractions. The Sun City Library is without a doubt the place to visit in Menifee if you only have time to see one of the attractions on this list. However if you have more time to spare there are a few other worthwhile attractions we have included on our list of the best things to do in Menifee.

1. Sun City Library

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Although the Sun City Library began life as a weekly bookmobile service, it is now much more. After several expansions to meet the demands of the residents of Menifee, the library now occupies an area of 11,000 square feet in a purpose built building, which was paid for by the Sun City Libray Foundation. The library now serves the 80,000 residents of Menifee and is a bookworm’s dream come true. The Sun City Library is more than just a library however and serves as a pillar of the Menifee community.

2. DropZone Waterpark

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The DropZone Waterpark is a seasonal outdoor water attraction which has something for everyone. At the park, guests can learn to surf or bodyboard on the FlowRider attraction, a great opportunity to carve the waves. For those looking for a more relaxing time at the park, the Continuous River attraction simply involves sitting, and relaxing, in an inflatable tube and letting the flow of the river carry you where it away.  Some attractions at the waterpark, such as FlowRider have differing opening hours throughout the season so, if you plan on visiting DropZone, it is worth researching your trip in advance.

3. Painted Earth

Painting PotterySource: SpeedKingz / shutterstock
Painting Pottery

Painted Earth is a relaxing way to spend a day and offers a great opportunity to create your own souvenir from your trip to California. Simply choose your piece of pottery, be it a mug or tile or plate etc. and paint it how you like or ask the helpful staff for inspiration or stencils. When your masterpiece is done, the staff will fire it in their kilns and after, it will be food and wash safe making it, not only a fantastic and personal souvenir but a practical one too. The finished piece take a week to complete so again, it is worth planning your trip to Painted Earth with this in mind.

4. Motte Historical Museum

Motte Historical MuseumSource: Motte Historical Museum / Facebook
Motte Historical Museum

The Motte family moved from France to America in the 1880’s and were soon renowned in the Menifee area for the business acumen and entrepreneurial skills. The Motte Family is now perhaps best known for its impressive car collection which began life in 1951 when a $15 Chevrolet Touring was purchased and fully restored by the family. The collection has been growing ever since and now makes for a worthwhile stop off for anyone in the Menifee area. The collection of cars is not the only thing to see here and the history of the pioneering Motte family should also be appreciated.  A tour of the museum courtesy of Mr Motte is even possible for a truly personal and insightful look at the history of this family.

Top 5 Things To Do In Menifee (CA):

  • Sun City Library
  • DropZone Waterpark
  • Painted Earth
  • Motte Historical Museum