25 Best Things to Do in California

From sunny surf beaches to foggy forests, the Golden State has plenty to offer the adventurous tourist. Just driving along some of California’s highways can prove to be a life changing experience. The roads, stretching from Mexico to Oregon, seem to get more dramatic and spectacular with every mile marker passed. The state is as diverse in terms of culture as it is with its landscape. Everybody knows that California produces some of the world’s best entertainment by way of Hollywood but many may not know that it is also a world leader in technology and art.

California is a state where you can shake hands with Mickey Mouse and touch an Orca whale in the same day. You can admire the beauty of gigantic redwoods before witnessing one of the most hostile natural landscapes in the world. The Golden state is certainly not short of memorable experiences, here is our list of the best things to do in California:

1. Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park

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Redwood National Park

The Redwood National Park is a vast expanse of beautiful woodland, rivers and coastline where visitors can partake in a wide range of outdoor activates. The Redwood trees are some of the oldest and tallest trees in the United States. The wildlife within the woodland and along the coast is extremely varied and consists of a number of rare and protected species. If you have only one day in the forest simply take a relaxed walk and allow yourself to stare up at the tallest trees on the planet. If you have longer, lengthy hike routes are available as well as five informative visitor centers and an 8 mile scenic drive known as the Coastal Drive.

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25 Best Things to Do in California:

Death Valley National Park

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  • California State Railroad Museum: Steve Heap / shutterstock
  • Universal Studios: Kamira / shutterstock
  • Monteery Bay Aquarium: photocritical / shutterstock