25 Best Things to Do in Belgium

Brugge, Belgium

Source: cge2010 / shutterstock

Brugge, Belgium


Want to know what to do in Belgium? This guide will help you to explore the country of beer, chocolate, fries and waffles, and help you pick which things to do or don’t.

As an avid craft beer lover I’m actually very fond of Belgium as it is without a doubt the #1 beer country in the world. There are so many different local beers and there’s so little time to taste them all:P But that’s of course not the only reason for visiting Belgium, although strolling through Bruges after a few ‘Brugse Zotten’ really seemed to make the experience even more magnificent. You might also like our guide on the best places to visit in Belgium!

‘Did you know Belgium actually has three official languages? Most know about Dutch and French but there’s also a small portion of the country that speaks German (about 1%)’

But let’s get on with it, here are the best things to do in Belgium, also including the most popular tourist attractions!

1. Taste the wide variety of craft beers

Belgian Beers

Source: Marc Venema / shutterstock

Belgian Beers

Belgium is the absolute number 1 when it comes to craft beers and every region you visit will have some great local beers you should definitely try out! T

here’s many beer bars with a big selection of different beers, try to find one near you and let the host/owner make some suggestions you should try (they are likely eager to help you out and honored to be asked for their suggestion).

Be advised that some of the beers have quite a high percentage of alcohol and a few of them might knock you off your feet. Some of my favorites are the Leffe Brown, the St. Bernardus Abt 12 and the Westmalle Tripel.

Another great activity would be to visit one of the brewery’s, there are often tours you can book.

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25 Best Things to Do in Belgium:

Brugge, Belgium

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