25 Best Things to Do in Arizona

Spotting a tourist in Arizona may be more difficult than you would first imagine as even the locals wear shorts and t-shirts and take a high number photographs of the stunning natural landscapes.

Arizona has some of the most incredible and unique terrain in the United States with its rocky canyons and towering mountains.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited national attractions in the world and it is easy to appreciate why whilst taking in the natural phenomenon.

The climate could also be described a natural wonder in its own right with its hot and dry weather attracting tourists in the winter who want a late taste of summer.

There are also man made wonders in the state including the Hoover Dam which defies belief with its structural strength and size.

The cities in Arizona also have plenty to offer with a mix of historic buildings and pioneering museums and art galleries.

When constructing this list of things to do in Arizona it was impossible to avoid missing off several prominent attractions as there is simply so much worth doing in the state.

However, the list has been refined and makes for a truly memorable itinerary. Here are the best things to do in Arizona:

1. The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Source: sumikophoto / shutterstock

Grand Canyon

Possibly the most popular natural attraction in the United States, and definitively the most popular in Arizona, is the Grand Canyon.

This natural wonder was shaped by the Colorado River many years ago. The Grand Canyon is mostly visited at the South Rim, which has a number of lookout spots.

Hiking into the canyon itself is possible as is a truly memorable helicopter flight over the landscape, providing spectacular views.

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25 Best Things to Do in Arizona:

Saguaro National Park

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