5 Best Things To Do In Chino (CA)

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The City of Chino can be found in San Bernardino County, California and is accessible from the Chino Valley and Pomona Freeways. The city is not an obvious tourist destination but the ease of access for travelers and the city’s two unusual, but fascinating, aircraft collections make a journey worthwhile.

Chino and the surrounding area has long been a center of agriculture but Chino is now being recognized as a great place to grow up, having won awards for being one of the best youth communities in the United States. Whether you hope to learn about the past, present or future of Chino, or simply enjoy the Chino Hills, here is our guide to the best things to do in Chino, California.

1. Planes of Fame Air Museum

Planes of Fame Air MuseumSource: Jose Gil / shutterstock
Planes of Fame Air Museum

Planes of Fame is the most popular tourist attraction in the city of Chino. Here, visitors will find a vast and impressive collection of antique aircraft, some of which have been restored and are in flying condition. The museum was first opened in 1957 and was the first air museum in the United States west of the Mississippi River. The museum began with only 10 aircrafts but has grown impressively since then an now houses around 150 planes, including 50 flyable aircraft.  The growth of the museum from a collection of ten planes to 150 has been a long one, beginning just after the second world war and continuing to this day. The mission of Planes of Fame is the same now as it was then however, to preserve the history of aviation and to inspire and educate future generations.

2. Chino Youth Museum

Chino Youth MuseumSource: Spring Melody / shutterstock
Chino Youth Museum

In 1994, the idea was formed by the Chino City Staff for a museum to exhibit the history of the Chino area. Thus began the Chino Youth Museum. Visit the Chino Youth Museum today and you will see that the mission statement has certainly been achieved. The museum is a must-visit for anyone hoping to learn more about the past of the City of Chino. The museum uses interactive exhibits to promote appreciation of Chino through better understanding of its past and present.

3. Yanks Air Museum

Yanks Air MuseumSource: HawkeyeUK / Flickr | CC BY-SA
Yanks Air Museum

The Yanks Air Museum began life as the private collection of Mr and Mrs Nichols in 1972 although the museum was not officially founded until 1982. The aim of Mr and Mrs Nichols was at first to own only three rare aircraft, the first of which was the Beech Staggerwing. After acquiring the first aircraft an epic journey of aircraft collection and restoration began which took the Nichols around the world and back again. The travel continues now as the collection of rare and historic aircraft continues to grow and be restored. The number of aircraft at the museum currently is 170 and, although once known as a “secret museum”, the collection now attracts visitors from all corners of the globe.

4. Chino Creek

Chino Creek WildlifeSource: fluidmediafactory / shutterstock
Chino Creek Wildlife

The Chino Creek is a great place to explore nature in the Chino Area. The Creek itself is relatively short, measuring only 12 miles but it drains a large basin of about 210 square miles. There are many areas to walk around the creek and the area is popular for hiking in summer as well as other outdoor and recreational activities. The drainage basin itself is densely populated but the wetlands around the Creek are protected as an area of ecological importance. The high number of inhabitants living in the area, in addition to the agricultural industry in the vicinity of the basin, cause pollution and this is proving to be an environmental challenge for the City of Chino.

5. Prado Regional Park

Prado Regional ParkSource: Angel La Canfora / shutterstock
Prado Regional Park

Prado Regional Park in Chino spans an impressive area of over 2,000 acres. The park is arguably the best place in the Chino area to enjoy nature and outdoor pursuits. The park is popular for camping and also offers opportunities for archery, fishing, shooting and fishing. The park also has a large golf course, which proves popular with residents of Chino and also attracts many visitors. Almost any outdoor pursuit can be enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings of Prado Regional Park.

5 Best Things To Do In Chino (CA):

  • Planes of Fame Air Museum
  • Chino Youth Museum
  • Yanks Air Museum
  • Chino Creek
  • Prado Regional Park