Where to Stay in Rome – Neighborhoods & Area Guide

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The capital and the largest city in Italy, Rome or Roma is one of the most-visited cities not only in Europe but the world. Home of the Roman Empire, the Vatican City (an independent country within the boundaries of Rome), and La Dolce Vita, Rome is also sometimes referred to as the Eternal City, coined by Roman poet Tibullus in the 1st century.

A major Christian pilgrimage since the Middle Ages, Rome is characterized by its prodigal palaces, millennium-old churches, extensive Roman ruins, iconic monuments, and splendid fountains. A distinctive amalgamation of rich historical heritage, cosmopolitan atmosphere, a thriving nightlife, and innumerable shopping avenues, Rome definitely should be on top of your list, if it isn’t already.

Below is a comprehensive rundown of some of the best areas to stay in Rome to help you with your vacation planning.

Jewish Ghetto

Jewish Ghetto, RomeSource: Boris-B / shutterstock
Jewish Ghetto

Also known as the Roman Ghetto or the Ghetto of Rome, this area is one of the oldest and the most culturally rich neighborhoods in the city. Established in 1555 when Pope Paul IV forced all the Jews in the city to move to this area, the Jewish Ghetto is home to the most sacred edifice in the quarter, the Synagogue of Rome. While at the Synagogue, pay a visit to the basement museum. Innumerable Jewish restaurants scatter around the area and you must take some time out to try at least a few of them. A haven of tranquility compared to the rest of the busy city, the Jewish Ghetto welcomes you to an enriching Jewish experience in the heart of Rome.

Good for: All kinds of travelers.
Other Highlights: Turtle Fountain, Marcello Theatre, Portico of Octavia, Casina of Vallati Museum, and Santa Maria in Campitelli Church.

Hotel Recommendations:

  • Il Tempio Della Capitale – A minute’s walking distance from the Synagogue of Rome, the hotel offers comfortable accommodation in well-appointed rooms which are fitted with modern amenities such as flat-screen TV, kettle, ensuite bathroom, and free Wi-Fi. Great for all kinds of travelers.
  • HT6 Hotel Roma – Nestled inside a historic building in the prominent Roman Ghetto area, the property provides stylish guestrooms with satellite TV, parquet floors, a minibar, and an electric kettle. Guests can start their day with a wonderful breakfast buffet which is included in the room tariff. Suitable for couples and families.
  • Lea Luxury Rooms – Located within 500 meters of Palazzo Venezia and Campo de’ Flori, Lea Luxury Rooms offers a wonderful stay in their well-appointed guestrooms, discounted luxury spa, a delightfully varied breakfast menu as well as several other modern amenities. Great for all kinds of travelers.

Centro Storico

Centro Storico, RomeSource: irisphoto1 / shutterstock
Centro Storico

This is probably what you have been imagining as your perfect roman holiday. Centro Storico is characterized by its cobblestone streets, baroque churches, splendid piazzas, and a bunch of iconic landmarks that have come to define the city over the years. One of the most historic districts in Rome, Centro Storico is extremely popular and is humming with local and international tourists. If you are on a limited time and wish to make the most out of your trip, this is the place to stay. While at it, visit Campo de’ Flori, a bustling food market in the morning and filled with entertainment in the evening.

Good for: All kinds of travelers, especially couples.
Other Highlights: Museo Barracco, Spada Gallery, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II, and Chiesa Santa Lucia del Gonfalone.

Hotel Recommendations:

  • Navona Queen Terrace B&B – A 19th century building opposite the Campo de’ Flori, Navona Queen Terrace B&B offers elegant accommodation, world-class services and amenities, a stunning view of St. Peter’s Basilica from the terrace, and 5 minutes’ walking distance to Piazza Navona. Great for solo travelers and couples.
  • Navona Nice Room – Situated in the heart of Piazza Sforza Cesarini, the hotel is part of a historic property and has been recently renovated to offer the most comfortable experience to its guests. Cozy beds, LCD TV, free Wi-Fi, and room service are some of the services you can expect. Great for couples and small families.
  • The Palazzetto Suites – 500 meters from the Castel Sant’Angelo, the Palazzetto Suites offers 5-star facilities and services for the price of a 2-star. Large, soft beds with AC, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, daily maid service, and ensuite bathroom with bathtub/shower and free toiletries are few of the facilities provided by the hotel. Suitable for solo travelers and couples.

Via Veneto

Via Veneto, RomeSource: rarrarorro / shutterstock
Via Veneto

If you don’t mind indulging into a bit of luxury and extravaganza, the neighborhood of Via Veneto is the perfect spot for you. Quite a hype in the 50s and 60s, the area was frequented by various notable personalities and was acclaimed as the center of La Dolce Vita, also known as “the sweet life”. Some of the highly renowned personalities visiting the area were Audrey Hepburn, Gary Cooper, Coco Chanel, and Orson Welles. Together with its stylish restaurants, lavish hotels, and best-in-line fashion stores, Via Veneto is perhaps one of the most famous, stylish, and affluent streets in the city. To admire the true essence of the neighborhood, hang out at Piazza Barberini or splurge at the shopping avenues spread around Via Veneto.

Good for: All kinds of travelers.
Other Highlights: Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Museo Nazionale Romano, and Villa Medici.

Hotel Recommendations:

  • Hotel Barocco – Overlooking the splendid Piazza Barberini and its iconic fountain, Hotel Barocco welcomes guests to its wonderfully decorated rooms which are fitted with antique furnishings, poster beds, ensuite bathrooms, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, and more. The 4-star property also features a fully-equipped bar and restaurant. Great for solo travelers and couples.
  • Albergo Ottocento – Within a couple of minutes’ walking distance from Barberini Metro station, Albergo Ottocento offers comfortable guestrooms, free Wi-Fi, a delightful continental breakfast (included in room tariff), an onsite bar, 24-hour front desk, and much more. Great for couples and families.
  • Stendhal Luxury Suites – A stone’s throw away from Barberini Metro station as well as the Trevi Fountain, Stendhal Luxury Suites offers true roman hospitality and world-class amenities. Guests can enjoy flat-screen TV with satellite channels, free Wi-Ii, great breakfast (included in room tariff), a shared lounge, and a lot more. Perfect for all kinds of travelers.


Termini, RomeSource: Alexandr Medvedkov / shutterstock
Termini, Rome

The main railway station, Termini connects Rome to all significant Italian cities as well as to the rest of Europe. Unlike popular belief, the neighborhood surrounding Termini is not at all dirty or unsafe. In fact, the area is in close distance to several notable neighborhoods of Rome. Just north of the station is the highly revered Church of our Lady of Victory. This is where Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Theresa rests as well. A 10 minutes’ walk towards the University La Sapienza brings you to San Lorenzo, an area filled with university students, tourists, and local romans.

Good for: Solo travelers and couples.
Other Highlights: Museos Vaticanos, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Santa Prassede Church, and Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore.

Hotel Recommendations:

  • UNA Hotel Roma – Located close to the Termini station, UNA Hotel Roma offers modern guestrooms with bright décor, wooden floors, stylish bathrooms, flat-screen TV, a minibar, and much more. The property also houses a restaurant and a wine bar. Perfect for all kinds of travelers.
  • NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento – The property is located comfortably within the Piazza del Cinquecento Square and provides its guests with luxurious accommodation, a sumptuous breakfast (included in room tariff), a fitness center, a common rooftop area, a bar and a restaurant, and more. Great for all kinds of travelers.
  • Gioberti Art Hotel – Housed within a 19th century structure, Gioberti Art Hotel offers comfy guestrooms with bright and contemporary interiors, flat-screen TV, minibar, ensuite bathroom, and a free buffet breakfast every morning. Great for all kinds of travelers.


Trastevere, RomeSource: prochasson frederic / shutterstock

Located west of River Tiber and south of Vatican City, the neighborhood of Traverse is noted for its cobbled lanes, historic structures, century-old church buildings, and a bohemian vibe. Art galleries and craft beer shops line the streets here while the young and energetic crowd roam the streets until late. Undeniably, one of the most charming districts in the city, Trastevere offers an easy trip to the nearby Tiber Island. Literally “just across the Tiber,” the area is home to several significant attractions, including Piazza Santa Maria and the venerated Santa Maria in Trastevere Church – one of the oldest in Rome.

Good for: All kinds of travelers, especially the young.
Other Highlights: Villa Farnesina, Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, Ponte Sisto, Botanical Gardens Rome, Rectory Church of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, and Palazzo Corsini.

Hotel Recommendations:

  • Residenza San Calisto – A historic structure transformed into a beautiful hotel, the property offers classic accommodation fitted with wooden floors and roof beams, enjoyable buffet breakfast, room service, free Wi-Fi, and easy access to several places of interest. Great for all kinds of travelers.
  • Relais Le Clarisse – Located in one of the most historic districts of Rome, the hotel provides luxurious guestrooms with private courtyards, free Wi-Fi, a filling buffet breakfast, room service, shuttle service (additional cost) and an easy access to some of the major attractions in the area. Great for all kinds of travelers, even large groups of up to 6 members.
  • Rhea Silvia Luxury Trastevere – The well-appointed guestrooms at Rhea Silvia Luxury Trastevere offer Smart TV with satellite channels, elegant parquet floors, ensuite bathroom with chromotherapy shower, and minibar. The Pantheon and Piazza Navona Square are each 20 minutes’ walking distance from here. Suitable for all kinds of travelers.


Celio, RomeSource: Artography / shutterstock

Home of one of the most iconic Roman structures, the Colosseum, Celio welcomes hundreds of tourists every day. Though the neighborhood could be slightly chaotic during the day, at night, the spectacular views on the prehistoric amphitheater is just surreal. Other important attractions around the area include the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Basilica of Saint John the Lateran, and Capitoline Museums. At one hand, Celio is close to some of the world-renowned sights, and on the other, it welcomes visitors from all walks of life and has special gay-friendly bars.

Good for: All kinds of travelers.
Other Highlights: Rectory Church of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Piazza Venezia, Trajan Forum, Capitoline Museums, and Campidoglio.

Hotel Recommendations:

  • Hotel Caravita – A few steps away from the historic Trevi Fountain, Hotel Caravita offers comfortable accommodation with modern features, free Wi-Fi, an onsite bar and restaurant, an elaborate continental buffet breakfast, a lounge area, and a sauna. Suitable for all kinds of travelers.
  • Hotel Regno – Located halfway between the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, Hotel Regni is the most convenient base to explore the historic city of Rome. Features at this hotel include comfortable guestrooms, 24-hour reception, great breakfast menu, family rooms, and much more. Great for all kinds of travelers.
  • 9Hotel Cesari – Yet another beautiful property located in the area, 9Hotel Cesari offers a great mix of modern design and antique vibe throughout the hotel. Guests can enjoy a striking view of the city from the hotel’s rooftop terrace and relax with a cocktail at the outdoor lounge and bar. Great for all kinds of travelers.

Prati/Vatican City

Prati, RomeSource: rarrarorro / shutterstock
Prati District

The neighborhood of Prati is perhaps mostly known for being at the doorstep of the Vatican City, the smallest country in the world and the only country to be located within a city. A highly significant center for Roman Catholics around the world, Vatican City is also considered as a tourist magnet for it has some of the best sights in Rome – St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, and much more. St. Peter’s Square is your gateway to the ‘City State,” the venue of several masses, especially during religious holidays such as Christmas. While visiting the Basilica, you will also get a chance to spot some of the famous Swiss Guards.

Good for: All kinds of tourists.
Other Highlights: Necropoli di San Pietro, Statua di San Paolo, Apostolic Palace, and Gardens of the Vatican City.

Hotel Recommendations:

  • Hotel Relais Dei Papi – Located within 5 minutes of St. Peter’s Square and the historic Vatican museums, the hotel offers well-appointed rooms with AC, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, minibar, and ensuite bathroom. A delightful continental breakfast every morning is included in the room tariff. Great for all kinds of travelers, even big groups of up to 5 members.
  • Attilio Regolo – Nestled in the Prati neighborhood of Rome, extremely close to the Vatican City, the hotel provides comfortable lodging in fully-furnished AC rooms with wooden floors, TV, ensuite bathroom, free Wi-Fi, and even an electric kettle. Suitable for all kinds of travelers.
  • Residenza Vatican Suite – Only a few minutes’ walk away from Castel Sant’Angelo, this property well-appointed guestrooms, delightful breakfast every morning (included in room tariff), airport shuttle (additional charge), and concierge service. Great for all kinds of travelers.


Piazza della Madonna dei MontiSource: Anatoly Vartanov / shutterstock
Piazza Della Madonna Dei Monti

Once a notorious red-light district, Monti is the oldest neighborhoods of Rome. Today, the area is buzzing with life and grandeur. Tourists flock to the area to experience the best of Rome and its traditional trattorias. This is also a great area for top-notch shopping. Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the most awe-inspiring churches in Rome, and the National Museum of Rome are some of the significant attractions in the area. Educate yourself about the roman history, shop for Italian merchandise, enjoy a vibrant-but-not-too-crazy nightlife, and explore the closely located Appian way.

Good for: All kinds of travelers.
Other Highlights: Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Arch of Titus, Temple of Venus and Rome, and Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Hotel Recommendations:

  • Hotel Centro Cavour – Set in the lively district of Monti, the hotel is within a walking distance of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The property offers elegant guestrooms with a multilingual staff, 24-hour front desk, free city maps, and optional breakfast. Great for all kinds of travelers.
  • Il Covo B&B – The stylish property features spacious and well-appointed guestrooms, an onsite restaurant and bar, a delectable breakfast (included in room tariff), free Wi-Fi, and provisions for bringing pets at no extra charge. Great for all kinds of travelers.
  • Residenze Argileto – Amazingly comfortable guestrooms, a rejuvenating spa, a panoramic rooftop with a hot tub and views of the Roman Forum, free Wi-Fi, a fully-equipped wellness center, and a bar makes your stay here totally unforgettable. Great for all kinds of travelers.


Piazza del PopoloSource: Constantin Mihai / shutterstock
Piazza Del Popolo

Another highly upscale neighborhood in Rome, Tridente is named after the three straight lanes that depart from Piazza del Popolo and form three roads namely Via di Ripetta, Via del Babuino, and Via del Corso. Nonetheless, the area has served as residence to several eminent personalities, including famous directors, authors, and poets. The streets here are filled with world-class luxury fashion brands. Piazza di Spagna is the main attraction in Tridente and is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Within walking distance are some of the most famous Roman sights, including the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, and the Marcus Aurelius Column.

Good for: All kinds of travelers.
Other Highlights: Napoleonic Museum, Palazzo Altemps, Basilica di Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, Giardini del Quirinale, and Piazza Venezia.

Hotel Recommendations:

  • Hotel 87 eighty-seven – A few minutes’ walking distance from the Spanish Steps, the hotel features stylish guestrooms equipped with modern facilities, a sauna, a fitness center, a sun terrace with hot tub, and much more. Great for all kinds of travelers.
  • Quartum Luxury Rooms – Located extremely close to famous attractions such as the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, the hotel offers beautifully designed guestrooms with world-class facilities, a yummy breakfast (included in room tariff), 24-hour front desk, and free Wi-Fi. Perfect for all kinds of travelers.
  • The Classic Roma – Set in an early 20th century building, the Classic Roma features luxurious guestrooms which exhibit a private art collection, free Wi-Fi, satellite flat-screen TV, parquet floors, delectable breakfast (included in room tariff), and much more. Suitable for all kinds of travelers.

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona, RomeSource: Gabriele Maltinti / shutterstock
Piazza Navona

Unarguably, one of the most prominent and elegant squares in Rome, Piazza Navona is known for its colorful streets, surrounding architecture, and of course, fountains. The three fountains, Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, Fontana del Moro, and Fontana del Nettuno are the primary attractions in the area. Every day, hundreds of locals and tourists visit the area and stop to take a picture at the fountains or rest at one of the many benches and grab a quick bite while they appreciate the beauty of the neighborhood. Set atop an ancient stadium which dates back to the 1st century A.D., the Piazza has been the spot for Rome’s main market for over 300 years. Palazzo Pamphilj, now the Brazilian Embassy, is the largest building of the Piazza.

Good for: All kinds of travelers.
Other Highlights: Museo Barracco, Campo de’ Fiori, Santa Maria della Pace, Piazza di S. Agostino, Pantheon, and Church of Saint Augustine.

Hotel Recommendations:

  • Navona 49 – Set directly in the heart of Piazza Navona Square, Navona 49 offers contemporary-style guestrooms with world-class features within a renovated historic edifice. Daily breakfast is delivered to the guest room at no additional cost. Great for all kinds of travelers, even big groups of up to 6 members.
  • Rome Visits – A few minutes’ walking distance from sights such as Piazza Navona, Sant’Agostino, and the Pantheon, Rome Visits provides well-appointed rooms with features such as flat-screen TV, ensuite bathroom with free toiletries, and free Wi-Fi. A delightful breakfast is included in the room tariff. Suitable for all kinds of travelers.
  • Locanda Navona – The property offers nicely decorated guestrooms fitted with AC, free Wi-Fi, LCD TV, free snacks in the room, and ensuite bathrooms with free toiletries. Locanda Navona is only 10 minutes away from the bustling shopping areas of Via Del Corso and Via dei Condotti. Perfect for all kinds of travelers.

Where to Stay in Rome – Neighborhoods & Area Guide:

  • Jewish Ghetto
  • Centro Storico
  • Via Veneto
  • Termini
  • Trastevere
  • Celio
  • Prati/Vatican City
  • Monti
  • Tridente
  • Piazza Navona