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Joseph Francis

Joseph "Rich" Francis is a travel writer and full-time traveler of more than 10 years. He's lived on multiple continents and in a hodgepodge of different destinations, from the beach towns of the Mexican Pacific to the idyllic isles of southern Thailand, the ski centers of the Alps to the historic cities of Central Europe. He's a niche expert in surf-travel and adventure travel, and has published work in leading travel brands like Lonely Planet, The Culture Trip, and Seeker.

Today, you can find him blogging about the latest in surf destinations over on The Surf Atlas or about the latest bars in Krakow on KrakowBuzz. You can also find his portfolio site at

15 Best Places to Visit in Italy

Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Pizza, pasta, the treasures of ancient Rome, the romantic towns of Naples’ Bay, the soaring heights of Vesuvius and Etna, the picture-perfect canals of Venice and some of the planet’s …

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15 Best Places to Visit in Hungary

Castle of Visegrad

Complete with Budapest’s bubbling bathhouses and lively dive bars, the winding Danube and the legendary wine labels of Tokaj, Hungary is unquestionably one of the most immersive destinations in all …

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15 Best Places to Visit in Estonia


The last truly European nation before the great swathe of Russia takes over in the east, Estonia offers travelers a fascinating mixture of Slavic, Russian, Scandinavian and altogether unique local …

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15 Best Places to Visit in Finland


The long and icy backbone of Scandinavia, Finland rarely fails to enchant. It draws travelers with the promise of Lapland’s far-flung forests and fells, snow-packed ski fields, the Sami and …

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