15 Best Places to Visit in Hungary

Complete with Budapest’s bubbling bathhouses and lively dive bars, the winding Danube and the legendary wine labels of Tokaj, Hungary is unquestionably one of the most immersive destinations in all of Europe. Here, we range from the Slovakian border to the Great Hungarian Plains, all in search of the finest spots to visit in old Magyar.

Let’s have a look at the best places to visit in Hungary. Enjoy!

1. Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton

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Lake Balaton

Running for a whopping 77 kilometers through the undulating hills that form the verdant reaches of western Hungary, Lake Balaton is a magnet for both domestic and foreign visitors both summer and winter. Along its wide, grassy banks, sunbathers settle from May onwards, many clutching beers and boogieing the afternoons away outside beach bars in party towns like Keszthely and Siofok (now hailed as the Ibiza of Hungary!). Others come to dive into the mineral-rich volcanic waters of the lake itself, which is eminently swimmable and great for sailing and other watersports. Camping and cottage resorts pepper the shorelines too, while castles and interesting churches crown the hills of Balatonalmadi and Szigliget.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Hungary: