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Joseph Francis

Joseph "Rich" Francis is a travel writer and full-time traveler of more than 10 years. He's lived on multiple continents and in a hodgepodge of different destinations, from the beach towns of the Mexican Pacific to the idyllic isles of southern Thailand, the ski centers of the Alps to the historic cities of Central Europe. He's a niche expert in surf-travel and adventure travel, and has published work in leading travel brands like Lonely Planet, The Culture Trip, and Seeker.

Today, you can find him blogging about the latest in surf destinations over on The Surf Atlas or about the latest bars in Krakow on KrakowBuzz. You can also find his portfolio site at

15 Best Things to Do in Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Aloft atop the swells of the Atlantic Ocean some 1,000 kilometers from North Carolina and a whopping 1,500 from the Caribbean mainstay of Puerto Rico, the curved archipelago of Bermuda …

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15 Best Things to Do in Haiti

Jacmel Bay

Haiti has been rocked by disastrous earthquakes (the most recent in 2010) and beset by political turmoil in the last century, not to mention overshadowed by the nearby likes of …

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