25 Best Things to Do in Tulsa (OK)

The second largest city in the state of Oklahoma, Tulsa once called itself the “Oil Capital of the World” after realizing it was situated atop of the world’s largest known oil reservoir. The title did not last long but the impact of the oil industry is still clear in the city where energy companies gather in their masses to drill, supply and sell on the black gold.

The money that amassed from the oil industry in the city is what paid for the production of the oddly beautiful art deco buildings that you will no doubt visit during your time here.

The city has a few major highlights and a lively history but there are also a few attractions that are best visited only after you have exhausted the “must-see” landmarks and have some time to kill.

Here is our list of the 25 Best Things to do in Tulsa:

1. Learn about some jazz legends

Jazz Depot

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Jazz Depot

The Union Station in Tulsa is home to the Jazz Hall of Fame. Tulsa is well known for producing musicians especially throughout the 20th Century. Exhibits within the hall of fame are well documented and explore the lives and works of musicians such as Charlie Christian and Wallace Willis in great detail. On Sundays you can see and hear live performances in the Grand Concourse and on Tuesdays the venue plays host to free jam sessions.

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25 Best Things to Do in Tulsa (OK):