15 Best Things to Do in St. Louis (Missouri)

Occupying the western banks of the Mississippi River, the great Gateway to the West is a place of energy, culture, deep history and cutting-edge modern charm.

Once an outpost of the French Republic, the town quickly boomed thanks to its tactical position as a port on the river way between Missouri and Illinois. Steamers drifted north and south, infusing the town with Southern drawls and Midwestern character.

Consequently, the St. Louis of today booms with a multicultural array of attractions, celebrating the US pioneers with its grand arched monuments, offering Native American artwork next to Middle Eastern masterpieces in its art galleries, and issuing the likes of Tennessee BBQ and Mexican tacos from its eateries.

In fact, few cities in America have such a diverse medley of must-sees and must-dos as St. Louis, just as this list of its 15 top draws proves. There’s everything from lookout points to regal gardens, children’s museums to Bud-filled breweries. Enjoy our list of best things to do in St. Louis!

1. Scale the mighty Gateway Arch

St. Louis Riverfront and the Gateway Arch

Source: flickr

St. Louis Riverfront and the Gateway Arch

The undisputed icon of St. Louis is the Gateway Arch, standing a whopping 192 meters high on the Missouri edge of the Mississippi River banks.

Built during the early 60s, the great monument hails in as the largest archway on the planet, and certainly one of the most awesome architectural come engineering feats in the United States.

It’s intended to pay homage to the frontiersmen and women who adventured out westwards to discover the Great Plains, the Rockies and eventually California, while other commentators have pointed out how the ambitious design mimics the fearless American spirit and the go-getter attitude of the Midwest.

For the best experience of this iconic St. Louis structure, be sure to take the tramways to the observation floor, where sweeping panoramas of Illinois state and the city unfold to the east and west.

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15 Best Things to Do in St. Louis (Missouri):

St. Louis Riverfront and the Gateway Arch

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