13 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Illinois

Illinois, Land of Lincoln or The Prairie State, is popular and famous for many reasons. The state has some awesome natural wonders to be amazed by and also offers a lot to those who are into city trips or traveling around. Have a look at the most beautiful places to visit in Illinois.

Burden Falls

Burden Falls, Hardin County, Illinois

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Burden Falls, Hardin County, Illinois

The Shawnee National Forest is one of America’s most famous natural locations and arguably the most beautiful sight it has to offer visitors is Burden Falls. Located in Pope County, Burden Falls is very small compared to some of the great waterfalls of the United States, but it is still one of the tallest in Illinois. Bird watching and photography are both very popular at the Burden Falls Wilderness, while hunting and fishing are both allowed in the grounds too. The main hiking trail through the forest is 3.5 miles long. Burden Falls itself is a 20-foot waterfall, but the water descends for a further 80 feet in cascades – watching the falls is a captivating experience.

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13 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Illinois: