22 Best Fishing Destinations In Canada

From Coast to Coast, Canada offers a wide variety of unparalleled fishing destinations. Each province provides beautiful and unique natural wonders and geography. Whether it’s the pristine waters of the country’s northern lakes, the exciting ocean fishing on the east and west coast, or the fast flowing waters of the prairie rivers, Canada offers a multitude of destinations whose beauty and mystery will be forever be imprinted on their visitors.

1. Tree River – Nunavut

Tree River - Nunavut

Source: flyfisherman

Tree River – Nunavut

Journey to the edge of the continent to visit this unique and remote river for an experience like no other. Tree River is one of the most spectacular and pristine sections of wilderness on earth, and supports the best Arctic Char fishery in Canada. This type of Salmon is uniquely colored with a mix of deep green and vibrant red. Orange and blue dots dapple the sides of the fish. Though the Char is elusive, fishing for them in this beautiful, wild land, will be an experience you never forget.

2. Queen Charlotte Islands – British Columbia

Queen Charlotte Islands - British Columbia

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Queen Charlotte Islands – British Columbia

Visit the ancestral homeland of the ancient Haida. Perched on the edge of the continental shelf, these mist covered islands are steeped in natural and cultural history and have an air of wonder and adventure surrounding them. A wide range of wildlife call the islands home. The mystical islands offer some of the world’s finest Salmon fishing, as vast schools make their home on the island’s shoreline.

3. Eagle lake – Ontario

Eagle lake - Ontario

Source: flickr

Eagle lake – Ontario

Located in the heart of Cottage Country in northern Ontario, the fishing at Eagle Lake is unparalleled. True Canadian wilderness provides for beautiful scenery. A plethora of wooded islands dot the massive lake. At almost one hundred km long, Eagle Lake supports a wide variety of species. Northern Pike, Walleye, Trout, Small Mouth Bass, and Perch are common. Eagle is perhaps best known for its Muskellunge fishing. Deemed “the fish of ten thousand casts,” these elusive and beautiful fish can grow up to seventy pounds. Situated in close proximity to the cities of Kenora and Dryden, and dotted with a wide variety of campgrounds and lodges, Eagle Lake is great for a solo getaway or for a family vacation.

4. Reindeer Lake – Saskatchewan

Reindeer Lake – Saskatchewan

Named for the large herds of caribou whose winter migration brought them to the lake, Reindeer Lake is one of the most fascinating bodies of water you will ever fish. The ninth largest lake in Canada, Reindeer holds something for nature lovers, historians, geologists, and fisherman alike. The beautiful breathtaking scenery is resplendent in the unspoiled Saskatchewan North. Some of the rock formations around Reindeer are Precambrian, the oldest on earth. The famous Deep Bay, a site of a meteorite strike over 140 million years ago is over 700 feet deep. Local legend has it that it is home to a lake monster. Fisherman are drawn to the area for the pristine waters and the variety of fish they support. Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Arctic Grayling, among other species, make the lake their home.

5. The Cranberry Lakes – Manitoba

The Cranberry Lakes – Manitoba

Explore the beautiful Cranberry lake system in northern Manitoba. Consisting of three large lakes, each body feeds into the other and contains diverse and varied terrain. Enjoy the closed in bays and cabbage weed beds of First Cranberry, the 200 foot depths of Second Cranberry, and the narrows of Third Cranberry. Fishing the Cranberries can be an exciting and frustrating experience. The lakes are known for the quality of their trophy size fish, not necessarily the quantity. If you can find the right spot, get ready to pull out Northern Pike with shoulders, trophy Walleye, and massive Lake Trout. The lake system is also home to many portage lakes for canoers and kayak enthusiasts and numerous beautiful islands for exploring.

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