15 Best Things to Do in Provence (France)

The mere mention of Provence conjures some the most idyllic images of lavender fields, sunflowers, olive groves, cicadas, vineyards and that indescribable light that inspired the post-impressionist painters like Cézanne.

You can follow in their footsteps, lounging at the cafes in Aix and heading out into the countryside to find medieval abbeys and dreamy villages in this stark landscape swept by the mistral wind.

Whatever your taste there’s a list of things that you shouldn’t leave out from your trip, whether it’s the Papal Place in Avignon or the incredible rocky inlets between Marseille and Cassis.

Lets explore the best things to do in the Provence:

1. Pope’s Palace, Avignon

Pope's Palace, Avignon

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Pope’s Palace, Avignon

In the 14th century this world-renowned building was the residence for six popes, and so was the seat of western Christianity.

It’s one of an ensemble of structures with UNESCO listing in Avignon and one of the world’s largest and most important gothic buildings.

Safe to say that it has to be on your agenda if you’re in the region.

The architecture, which was the height of medieval craftsmanship, will drive home the opulence and splendour enjoyed by the popes during their exile from the Vatican.

You’ll get access to more than 20 rooms, including Clement IV’s papal apartments where the exquisite gothic frescoes by Matteo Giovanetti survive to this day.

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15 Best Things to Do in Provence (France):

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