15 Best Places to Visit in West Midlands

Fair to say that the West Midlands isn’t tourism central. But though there are more winsome cities, Birmingham has rollicking nightlife, loads of culture and more shopping than you can handle.

Remember too that the large Indian contingent has given Birmingham the best curry houses in the country, and invented the “balti”. Ever since the birth of the collieries, lime kilns and the metalworks in the 1700s this region of England has been more associated with chimney stacks than country idylls.

But you shouldn’t disregard the Black Country, certainly not if the Industrial Revolution piques your interest because towns like Dudley have kept their old kilns and factories to bring home the reality of life in those times.

Lets explore the best places to visit in the West Midlands:

1. Birmingham


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Affectionately known as “Brum”, the city of Birmingham has never been known for its looks, but because of the regeneration of its centre and its huge canal system people are now see Britain’s second city in a different way.

Even before this facelift Birmingham was already much-loved for its nightlife, dining (especially Indian food in the” Balti triangle”) and shopping.

You could say that the city was the workshop of the Industrial Revolution, and if you’re curious about this period try Soho House, the 18th-century home of the entrepreneur Matthew Boulton.

This is one of many absorbing museums dealing either with the wealth that industry created, or (at the Back to Backs) what it was like for workers.

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15 Best Places to Visit in West Midlands: