25 Best Things to Do in Birmingham (UK)

Birmingham can be found within the West Midlands, a county full of character. With a population of 1,101,360 residents as of 2014 it is the biggest city outside of London, and also the largest. Due to this it draws the attention of a wide number of travellers from around the world. The soul of this city really started with the Industrial Revolution, where it earned its place at the forefront of scientific developments. Now, it attracts the creative and the innovative, fuelling their minds with a wide variety of museums, parks and beautiful music halls. Read on to find out more about the adventures that you could have in Birmingham with our list of the 25 best things to do!

1. Symphony Hall

Symphony Hall

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Symphony Hall

This concert hall really does reflect the sheer innovation and creativity that has gone into making Birmingham the city that it is today. Not only is it the UK’s finest concert hall, but it’s also well regarded to be one of the best in the world. With its picturesque auditorium and stunning, world class acoustics, it isn’t to be missed. Not only does it present some of the most prestigious international orchestras, it also houses a beautiful programme showcasing many different styles of music; everything from jazz to rock, and stand- up comedy! So there really is something for everyone with this beautiful building, and seen as it shows a show of some form or another almost every day of the year, it’s well worth having a look at what might be happening when you plan your trip!

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25 Best Things to Do in Birmingham (UK):

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