15 Best Things to Do in France-Comté

2. Lion of Belfort

Lion of Belfort

Source: flickr

Lion of Belfort

Frédéric Bartholdi, the man who sculpted New York’s Statue of Liberty, created this enormous  monument of a lion just next to the citadel in Belfort.

The lion is 11 metres in height and 22 metres long, and is made from red sandstone, standing out subtly against the grey limestone cliff behind.

The beast was completed in 1880 to commemorate the Siege of Belfort during the Prussian War, when 17,000 men were able to withstand the 40,000-strong Prussian assault for 103 days.

A sculpture of this size is best enjoyed from a distance, but you can also follow a path up from the town to study the work close-up.

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