15 Best Places to Visit in Mali

Mali is a land of many cultures and creeds; a dash of life and action and heritage and history that’s sandwiched between the rolling Sahel and the endless dunes of the Sahara Desert.

From the salt-caked outposts of Taoudenni in the north to the throbbing market town of Sikasso in the south, the lion-spotted reaches of Boucle de Baoulé in the west to the protected swathes of Ansongo in the east, there’s everything from time-stood-still tribal villages to groaning camel caravans to experience here.

Meanwhile, the capital at Bamako is surely one of the continent’s most enthralling.

Beer bars and local music dives erupt between the traffic-choked streets; bazaars and brilliant markets pop up on the corners.

Oh, and that’s not even mentioning the mystery of Timbuktu! Unfortunately, recent conflicts have all but placed this fascinating country in the heart of West Africa out of bounds for would-be travelers.

Skirmishes and battles and political upheavals continue, and all the while Mali’s great natural and human beauties remain at risk…

Lets explore the best places to visit in Mali:

1. Timbuktu


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For many a Berber trader and Bedouin caravan man Timbuktu marked the end of the arduous trek across the shifting sand dunes of the great Sahara.

Evoking mystery and magic and the feel of far-flung exoticism, even the name conjured up images of dusty bazaars where spices and sabres and strange folk trinkets rattled and scented the air.

Today, Timbuktu is hardly the puzzling, perplexing enigma of place it once was; but there are traces of the old days.

Find them between the criss-crossing grids of sand-caked streets; see them in the muddy walls of the Sankore Mosque; or discover them underneath the spiked rises of the Djingareiber.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Mali: