15 Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh (PA)

The so-called City of Bridges might only be home to 300,000 folks, but boy does it pack a punch.

Famed for its steel industries, largely long since died with the rest of the embers of the Midwest’s industrial boom, the metro area here is a place of red-brick facades, countless depots and arched bridges, utilitarianism oozing from each pore and pocket.ccoff

However, delve a tad deeper and you’ll see Pittsburgh’s more characterful edge.

There are more bars per capita than any other town in the US, believe it or not, all hidden in the basements and old workshops and mills.

Steel City’s museums punch heftily above their weight too – thanks largely to the endless investments of one Andrew Carnegie in the 19th century.

Parks abound, draped over the hills and riverside ridges of the downtown, while there’s Major League Baseball, packed cheese-steak sandwiches, Bavarian beers and oodles, oodles more on the menu besides. Check out the best things to do in Pittsburgh!

1. Explore Asian forests and Polar icecaps at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

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Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

A whopping 475 individual species await visitors to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, making the sprawling institution on the banks of the Allegheny River one of the most enticing animal parks in the United States.

Founded more than 100 years ago, in 1898, this iconic attraction has since grown to incorporate the likes of the Tropical Forest, home to formidable mountain gorillas, endangered sloths and swinging gibbons, The Islands enclosure, where crocodiles meet colossal Galapagos tortoises, and the African Savanna, crossed by lions and giraffe, springbok and rhino.

The adjoining aquarium is also uber-famous, boasting ecosystems that go from the piranha-bitten tropics to the penguin-trodden arctic!

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