15 Best Stonehenge Tours

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stonehenge is a major attraction in the South of England that attractions millions of visitors per year. The Neolithic standing stones have attracted a lot of speculation about their origin, and their reason for existing is shrouded in mystery.

The monument itself will give you a fascinating insight into ancient British history; however, many other great sights are nearby and worth a visit.

As the monument is difficult to access by public transportation and is often very busy, booking a tour that includes entry can be a very convenient option.

Many of these tours also allow you to check out some other attractions in the region.

Here are the 15 best tours that include Stonehenge.

1. From London: Full-Day Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford Tour


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If you are staying in London and want to incorporate some of the other major British attractions on your trip, this is an excellent tour that not only takes you to Stonehenge, but also to Windsor and Oxford.

Check out the official royal residence of Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry recently married Meghan Markle. The tour then continues onwards to Stonehenge, before finishing in Oxford.

At Oxford, you will explore the famous university and take in some of England’s most beautiful architecture.

2. Stonehenge Admission Ticket

Stonehenge Tour

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Stonehenge Tour

If you have your own transportation and would rather visit Stonehenge on your own, it is a good idea to book a ticket in advance.

The Neolithic monument attracts millions of visitors per year, and in certain months it can take hours to get an entrance ticket. This option allows you to purchase your ticket before you get there, and skip the lines once you arrive.

It also gives you full access to all the exhibitions in the visitor’s center, allowing you to learn about the history and myths surrounding the monument.

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3. From London: Stonehenge and Bath Full-Day Tour

Bath, England

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This is another excellent option for taking in more of England’s best historic sights whilst visiting Stonehenge.

This tour puts you on a luxury coach to Stonehenge, where you will be given around 90 minutes to explore the area at your own pace – as well as the Visitor’s Centre. Afterward, you will be taken to Bath – an important historical city in the United Kingdom.

In Bath, admire the excellent examples of Georgian architecture and visit the preserved remains of a Roman bath.

4. Stonehenge Half-Day Tour from London


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If you are short on time but really do want to visit Stonehenge on a guided tour, this option only takes half a day to get there and back from the English capital.

The tour lasts for five hours; you are given a free audio guide to help you learn more about the monument.

Admission fees are included in the price, meaning you will be able to skip the queues when you get there. You can opt for a morning or afternoon tour, depending on whichever is most convenient for you.

5. Stonehenge, Bath and West Country: Day Trip for London

Bath, England

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Bath, England

This tour to Stonehenge will continue on to the city of Bath, where you can admire the Georgian architecture and preserved Roman bath remains.

You will also visit the West Country on the tour, giving you a more meaningful insight into rural English life. You will be shown a few villages across the region, including Wiltshire, Somerset, and Avon.

The brief stops will allow you to learn more about England’s longest-running traditions, and the bus journey itself runs through beautiful West Country scenery.

6. Stonehenge, Windsor, Bath and Salisbury Tour from London

Windsor Castle

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Windsor Castle

This bumper tour takes an entire day but gives you the ability to check out the best attractions in the South of England outside of London. The tour starts off at Stonehenge, where you are given some time to explore the monument at your own pace.

You will also be shown Windsor Castle – an official royal residence – and Bath, where you can visit the Roman ruins. In Salisbury, you will visit Salisbury Cathedral, which was completed in the 13th century.

A free lunch is included and a knowledgeable guide will give you plenty of information about each attraction.

7. Stonehenge, Bath, Lacock and Avebury Full-Day Tour from London

Lacock Abbey

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Lacock Abbey

This is another great bumper tour around the South of England and will show you a couple of the lesser-known attractions in the region.

The tour begins at Stonehenge and continues on to Bath, where you will be shown the beautiful Georgian architecture of the city. You will then be taken to Lacock, the site of many different filming locations for movies made in the UK.

At Avebury, you will visit another set of Neolithic standing stones. These are a lot less touristy than Stonehenge and will be a much more peaceful experience.

8. Stonehenge Afternoon Tour with Fish & Chips Supper

Fish And Chips

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Fish And Chips

Experience two British institutions in one short tour – the ancient monument of Stonehenge, and the delicious delicacy of fish and chips.

The seven-hour tour takes you to Stonehenge in the afternoon; you are provided with an audio guide to help explain the mysteries of the monument. At certain times of the year, you will be able to witness sunset at the monument.

On the way back from your tour, you will be taken to a traditional British pub to try out a typical plate of fish and chips – the perfect end to a great afternoon.

9. Stonehenge, Stratford, and Bath: Full-Day Xmas Tour from London


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Visiting England over the festive period and trying to find something interesting to do on Christmas Day? This tour takes you around some of the most interesting sights in the country and will describe the history to you with a festive twist.

The first half of the day takes you to Stonehenge and Bath to admire some of England’s greatest historical sights.

After this, you will be treated to Christmas dinner in a traditional pub in the Cotswolds. This incredible local experience then finishes up in Stratford – the home of Shakespeare and the best place to learn about British literature.

10. Southampton – London via Salisbury, Stonehenge, and Windsor

Southampton, England

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Southampton is the main port of entry for tourists coming to the UK by cruise ship. If you are planning on getting a transfer to London, rather than taking a regular coach, you can opt to include this day tour. This allows you to visit some of the main sights in the area on your way to the capital.

This transfer includes a visit to the traditional town of Salisbury, as well as the nearby monuments at Stonehenge. The final part of the tour focuses on Windsor, with the Royal Windsor Castle being the main attraction.

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11. Cornwall and Cotswolds: 5-Day Small-Group Tour


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Explore South West England at a leisurely pace with this five-day tour through the region, departing from London. The tour begins at Stonehenge before continuing onwards with a guided tour of Salisbury and Exeter.

You will go on to spend the next four days exploring rural, historical, and cultural attractions throughout the region at an easy-going pace with a small group. Accommodations, breakfasts, and transportation are all included – as well as a knowledgeable tour guide.

You need to book entrance to some of the attractions in advance. The tour will return you to London on the final day.

12. English Heritage Overseas Visitors’ Pass – 9 and 16 Days

Dover Castle

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Dover Castle

If you plan on hitting multiple attractions during your trip to England but want to go at your own pace, this visitors’ pass will save you money and allow you to skip the line at over 100 sights across the country – including Stonehenge.

You can opt for a pass that lasts either 9 or 16 days, and visits are unlimited during this time period. It is valid at all attractions run by English Heritage.

You will be given either reduced or free entry to multiple events at these attractions and a handy guidebook to the best heritage monuments in England.

13. Stonehenge Private Sunset Tour with Lacock and Bath

Stonehenge Sunset

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Stonehenge Sunset

Get your own bespoke tour with this experience, which comes with a dedicated guide who can discuss all of the information that most interests you.

Departing from London, this tour lasts an entire day and will take you to Stonehenge, as well as Bath and Lacock.

You can choose how much time you spend at the various attractions in Bath, as well as which filming locations most interest you in Lacock. You will stop for lunch at a traditional English pub that was built in the 13th century.

14. London: Boxing Day Tour to Windsor, Stonehenge, and Bath

Stonehenge Tourist

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Stonehenge Tourist

If you are visiting England over the festive season but already have plans for Christmas Day, opt for a relaxed tour around the main hits on Boxing Day – the day after Christmas and a public holiday in the United Kingdom.

This tour operates similarly to the Christmas Day tour, however, rather than visiting Stratford, you are taken to the royal attractions of Bath.

A lunch stop is made at a traditional hotel opposite the castle, where you can enjoy mince pies and mulled wine.

15. Avebury & Stonehenge Private Day Tour from Bath

Avebury Stone Circle

Source: Kris Daniel / shutterstock

Avebury Stone Circle

If you are based in Bath, this is the best option for getting to the two most important Neolithic sites in the South of England.

This private tour can be adapted to whatever information most interests you and will take you to both Stonehenge and Avebury Standing Circles.

All admission tickets are included, helping to save you money and skip the lines when you arrive. You will have your own private transport, as well as a dedicated guide with extensive knowledge of both attractions.

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