15 Best Things to Do in Clermont-Ferrand (France)

15. Food


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There isn’t much delicate about the cuisine in the Auvergne, which is simple and helps to combat the harsh winters.

This definitely goes for Truffade, which can best be described as a kind of loose pancake fried with thinly sliced potatoes and tomme fraiche cheese.

It’s gooey, unctuous and hits the spot when the snow is falling outside.

If you order it in a restaurant pair it with the regional reds, Gaillac or Cahors.

And if you’re into cheese then the Auvergne region will be a big playground, where national faves like Cantal, Salers, Bleu d’Auvergne and Saint-Nectaire are made.

Stock up at the Marché Saint-Pierre in Clermont-Ferrand or get going on the Auvergne Cheese Trail to visit the dairies in person.

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