15 Best Things to Do in Bludenz (Austria)

Bludenz is a quiet but charming village right on the western tip of the Vorarlberg region of Austria, located just below neighbouring Feldkirch and Dornbirn and only 20 minutes from Liechtenstein.

This beautiful and well spread out town is located on the river Ill and is encapsulated by the mighty Bregenz forest mountains, and the Ratikon and Silvretta ranges too.

Historical findings have dated settlements in Bludenz back to the Bronze Age and first mentions of the town in history are seen as early as the year 830. Due to the town’s fantastic location at the meeting point of five separate valleys and its mountain surroundings, it is the perfect location for intrepid hikers and those who want to explore the outdoors.

Lets explore the best things to do in Bludenz:

1. Muttersberg


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This is the most famous mountain range surrounding Bludenz and stands at an immense 1400m.

You can access the mountain range by using the spectacular cable car that lets you rise above the town in an epic way.

Once you are at the top you can start to explore the Muttersberg range; if you have children you can enjoy the forest playground and pony rides, or if you are more adventurous you can start on one of the many hiking trails in the area or even the motocross bike trail.

The scenery and alpine landscapes will amaze you and the whole area is bursting with life and surprises.

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15 Best Things to Do in Bludenz (Austria):

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