15 Best Things to Do in Feldkirch (Austria)

Feldkirch is an enchanting town on the border between Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland and is the second largest town in the Vorarlberg region.

The history of this amazing medieval town dates back to the 1200’s with the creation of Schattenburg Castle and has seen numerous battles including the Battle of Feldkirch in 1799 between Austrian and French military.

The town maintained its historic charm and has several remaining sections of the city walls and guard towers and has a great variety of attractions.

With a great position next to two neighbouring countries and also in close proximity to sections of the alps, Feldkirch is a wonderful place to base yourself to explore the Vorarlberg region and further afield.

1. Schattenburg Castle

Schattenburg Castle

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Schattenburg Castle

This castle museum is one of the earliest mentioned records of Feldkirch and dates back to the 12th century.

Originally a residence of the Earls of neighbouring Bregenz for over 200 years, the castle then changed ownership to the mighty Habsburg leaders who ruled over the estate until the late 1700’s.

The beautiful building with its white walls and brown tiled roofs stands out in Feldkirch and the museum and restaurant inside are of particularly good quality.

The museum is split into several different themed rooms, all of which have been restored and feature historical furniture and architecture.

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15 Best Things to Do in Feldkirch (Austria):

Schattenburg Castle