15 Best Things to do in Aruba

6. Tour the ruins of Bushiribana and Balashi

Balashi Gold Mill Ruins

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Balashi Gold Mill Ruins

Eerie and haunting, the remnants of Aruba’s humble gold boom in the 19th century can still be seen crumbling and collapsing between the dusty hills south out of Oranjestad.

They were constructed way back in the 1870s by the British, who discovered gold seams running through the Aruban backcountry.

Visitors can wonder at the looming buildings of the old smelting works, and see the fortified constructions that were raised to turn away invading pirates coming in from the coast.

Oh, and then there are the views of the deserted south-west shore to enjoy, along with some adrenaline-inducing country tracks to rumble over in a 4X4!

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