15 Best Things to Do in Hall in Tirol (Austria)

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This small town is located in the Innsbruck district and is only 10 minutes’ drive from Innsbruck itself.

While being so close to Innsbruck, Hall in Tirol does have its own unique heritage, history and style and is a fantastic place to visit in its own right.

The salt mining industry played a major part in the development of Hall in Tirol, and the towns name is actually derived from the Celtic word for Salt.

During the Habsburgs reign, Hall was much investment and the many churches that still stand today were mainly constructed in these centuries.

With its close proximity to Innsbruck, the many historical buildings in the town centre, and the surrounding natural attractions, Hall of Tirol proves to be a first rate tourist destination.

Lets explore the best things to do in Hall in Tirol:

1. Münze Hall

Münze HallSource: killerwal
Münze Hall

The Muenze tower and hall is one of the finest pieces of architecture in Hall of Tirol and the main tower dominates the skyline of the picturesque village.

The architecture of the tower is reminiscent of a medieval tower with various levels and crenulations and a green pointed roof with several small windows protruding out from it.

The tower contains a winding wooden staircase that passes through the various levels and when you reach the top you are given beautiful panoramic views of Hall if Tirol and the beautiful Alpen landscape that surrounds Innsbruck.

2. St. Nikolaus Church

St. Nikolaus ChurchSource: flickr
St. Nikolaus Church

This church is the second of Hall of Tirol’s dominating buildings after the Muenze Hall and holds an important position in the centre of the old town.

The exterior of this church has a large green roof and domed tower that can be seen from virtually anywhere in Hall and it is quite interesting to get different shots of the church as seen from different parts of the town.

The interior is simply divine and features an over the top baroque design with a ceiling that contains a huge amount of detailed frescoes depicting various religious scenes.

The ceiling and the opulent altar speak of the churches importance and previous wealth.

3. St. Magdalen’s Chapel

St. Magdalen’s ChapelSource: tripadvisor
St. Magdalen’s Chapel

Hall in Tirol has a host of fine churches and the Magdalen’s Chapel is one such example.

This small chapel is located close to the Church of St. Nikolaus and dates back to as early as 1330. The building used to serve as the towns cemetery chapel and has a Romanesque style.

There are several detailed frescos in the chapel that depict the Madonna, the adoration of the three kings and the last judgement.

The chapel is now dedicated to fallen soldiers who died in the great wars since 1923 and is a quiet place for peaceful reflection.

4. Jesuitenkirche

JesuitenkircheSource: flickr

This building was founded in 1571 and was meant to cater to the spiritual needs of the Herz-Jesu convent.

This is one of two building that’s date from Hall of Tirol’s renaissance court periods and has seen much renovation over the years.

The most recent renovation was in the late 1600’s where the church was given a baroque makeover.

The inner courtyard of the church is a fine example of baroque architecture and is wonderful to behold.

The interior of the church is also quite stunning with a highly decorative altar that has a great deal of gold trim.

5. The Mint museum

The Mint museumSource: flickr
The Mint museum

The Mint museum is located inside the Muenze Hall and you can buy a combined ticket for both the tower and the museum for around 11 Euros.

Coins were produced here many years ago and it served as a major mint for the region.

Today the museum shows the minting process and what was involved to produce money.

There are several exhibitions and the actual machines that were used in the minting process too – An extremely interesting museum for any coin collector or history buff.

6. Naturpark Karwendel

Naturpark KarwendelSource: karwendel
Naturpark Karwendel

This mountainous nature park contains 11 protected areas mainly consisting of wild rivers and lush forests.

The park spans over 700 square kilometres and has some of the finest nature and landscapes in Tirol.

Explore one of the many hiking trails, take a guided tour of the area with a tell-trained ranger, or learn about the region in one of the visitors centre museums.

One of the finest features of the park is the Ahornboden area which contains one of the finest Sycamore forests in Europe – The trees are simply amazing and truly breath-taking to behold.

7. Stuibenfall Ötztal Valley

Stuibenfall Ötztal ValleySource: pinterest
Stuibenfall Ötztal Valley

This valley contains a stunning waterfall that has the highest vertical drop on the whole Tyrol region and who’s water flows at a staggering 2000 litres per minute.

This area of natural beauty is located to the west of Innsbruck and you can access the waterfall from one of the many invigorating hiking trails that snake through the countryside.

To get up close and personal with the waterfall, there is a suspension bridge that runs across it and connects two of the main hiking trails together.

8. Tirol Farmstead Museum

Tirol Farmstead MuseumSource: blogtirol
Tirol Farmstead Museum

This museum brings farming history to life and is spread over 14 buildings that have been relocated and are original authentic farm buildings that have been renovated to their original beauty.

Each building is full of interesting artefacts that come from a bygone era and provide a wonderful insight into the farming life in earlier centuries.

Together with the 14 buildings, there is a museum that offers many educational exhibits on farming and is particularly fun for children.

9. Walk through the old town

The old town centre of HallSource: flickr
The old town centre of Hall

The old town centre of Hall of Tirol is extremely interesting and due to its small size, is easy to walk through in a morning or afternoon.

Starting at the Muenze hall (Also known as Burg Hasegg) and walk through the small but pretty salinenpark, pass through the small side streets and take in the wonderful architecture and head on to the Church of St. Nikolaus and into the Pfarrplatz.

After you have taken in the sights here and perhaps enjoyed a coffee at the Rathaus Café, make your way east across Rosengasse and finish at the wonderful Stiftsgarten park.

10. Enjoy a fine meal at the Bretze restaurant

Bretze restaurantSource: bretze
Bretze restaurant

The Bretze restaurant is a quality establishment that offers a stylish setting with a great atmosphere and wonderful cuisine all in the charming setting of Hall in Tirol.

Why not try the Kupferpfandl Beef with Chive Sauce, or the delicious Salzburg Dumplings with Mango sauce, or even wild Ragout.

The cosy atmosphere of the interior features beautiful wooden beams and wooden furnishings and walls full of interesting paintings that you can admire whilst eating the fine meals.

11. Have a drink in the Loewits Pipistrello Bar

Loewits Pipistrello BarSource: facebook
Loewits Pipistrello Bar

The character of this bar is what makes it truly special – The walls are rough, hundreds of years old and made out of stone which gives the bar an almost cavern-like quality.

Although the bar is only small, the amazing atmosphere and aforementioned character, together with a great list of drinks and wines make it one of the finest bars in Hall of Tirol.

12. Bergbau Museum

Bergbau MuseumSource: langenacht
Bergbau Museum

As salt mining was a huge part of the regional history, it stands to reason that there is a mining museum in Hall of Tirol.

The Bergbau museum is located not farm from St. Nikolaus Church in the old town centre.

The exhibitions centre on the history of mining in the region and give great information on the tools used and the conditions in the mines.

There is also a stunning replica of a disused mine from the 1960’s, and a mine shaft that doubles as a slide that gives you the feeling of being deep underground.

The Bergbau is a truly fun and educational museum for all age groups.

13. Glungezerbahn Ski Resort

Glungezerbahn Ski ResortSource: glungezerbahn
Glungezerbahn Ski Resort

This first class ski resort is located near the small village of Tulfes which is around 15 minutes driver to the south of Hall of Tirol across the river Inn.

To reach the resort there is a ski-lift in Tulfes that takes you up to the top of the Tulferberg.

The resort is home to the longest downhill run in the Tyrol region (over 15km!) and has several different routes for experienced skiers and beginners alike.

The surrounding countryside is also beautiful to behold and from the top you have fantastic views of the Inn valley and down to Hall in Tirol.

14. Stiftsgarten

StiftsgartenSource: panoramio

This quiet garden is located next to the Jesuit Church in the old town centre just off of Milser Strabe and is a quiet place perfect for relaxation and conversation.

At one end of the garden lies an old summer house which once served as a ballroom, several small chapels and a stylish fountain.

Aside from the fantastic architecture to be found, there is also a host of trees and plants all in a delightful arrangement.

If you are looking for a quiet place to walk through and enjoy some traditional gardening features, the Stiftsgarten is the perfect place.

15. Have a Coffee at the Rathaus Cafe

the Rathaus CafeSource: rathauscafe
the Rathaus Cafe

This cafe is one of the most famous in Hall of Tirol owing to its great location next to St.

Nikolaus Church and its wonderful exterior design.

The building has an old style with a large tiled roof and many icons on the front facade, there is also a whole outdoors section where you can sit in the sun and people watch.

At the Rathaus Cafe you can enjoy a hearty cappuccino, or maybe some schnapps or beer, or even a white wine with its full compliment of coffee and alcohol.

15 Best Things to Do in Hall in Tirol (Austria):

  • Münze Hall
  • St. Nikolaus Church
  • St. Magdalen’s Chapel
  • Jesuitenkirche
  • The Mint museum
  • Naturpark Karwendel
  • Stuibenfall Ötztal Valley
  • Tirol Farmstead Museum
  • Walk through the old town
  • Enjoy a fine meal at the Bretze restaurant
  • Have a drink in the Loewits Pipistrello Bar
  • Bergbau Museum
  • Glungezerbahn Ski Resort
  • Stiftsgarten
  • Have a Coffee at the Rathaus Cafe